The cast of ‘The family Man’ endorses Rupeek bank’s innovation


Rupeek bank’s new campaign educates us on their latest way to get a gold loan, starring Manoj Bajpayee and Priyamani, the cast of the successful series ‘The Family Man. The campaign explains why the new way to get a gold loan, is the best way to get a Gold loan.

The campaign includes an ad in which Manoj Bajpayee and Priyamani are a married couple trying to avail a Gold loan. Trying to avail of a loan based on secure credit is very hard in this country.

The ad acknowledges this problem through the ad. The hardships the couple faces are also portrayed such as the embarrassment, and how in the process they are made to feel small about themselves by getting things done the traditional way.

Visiting the bank has never been pleasant. The poor customer service and the delay in processing work result in us not relying on the bank during a time of emergency. This is where Rupeek Bank comes to our rescue.

The bank has staff members coming to our homes personally, getting things done for us in a quick, efficient and reliable process. In this case, no one is made to feel small about themselves, no one gets embarrassed and there is excellent customer service.

Towards the end of the ad, we see a happy Manoj and Priyamani, as they got their credit instantly, and swiftly without draining their physical and mental capacity. 

The hassle-free gold loan service at our doorstep is the go-to and the new way to get a Gold loan. The ad was made by Good Morning films, and the ad educates us on what we need to know. Gold is the first-hand asset most Indians have. Therefore Gold loan is probably the first kind of loan that most people get to achieve something and making it handy and comfortable boosts confidence in people and reliability in the bank.

The campaign will be advertised on TV, digital and social media platforms, and more. The ad will not only be distributed in Hindi, but also in other regional languages like Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu.

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