The Moon Store Launches New Range of Sugar-free Hydration Powders

The Moon Store Launches New Range of Sugar-free Hydration Powders
The Moon Store Launches New Range of Sugar-free Hydration Powders

~ Available in a range of delicious flavors, the Moon Lunar Hydration Powder is a zero-sugar alternative that quenches thirst and restores essential electrolytes, vitamins and mineral levels in the body in a safe and natural way ~

The Moon Store, a premium health food brand dedicated to providing customers with nutritious freeze dried fruits, has added a new line of products called Moon Lunar Hydration Powder for those who need a quick energy boost to beat the summer heat, recharge after a rigorous gym workout, or recover from weakness. The Moon’s hydration powder, which is available in mouthwatering fruity flavors and needs to be mixed with water, is a blend of essential electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that quench thirst, elevate the body’s hydration and restore energy levels in a natural and safe manner.

“While traditional hydration powders are effective, they also include added sugars and artificial sweeteners, which may not be ideal for those who need a healthier option. The Moon Lunar Hydration Powder is the result of a scientific approach to creating something that is healthier, without sugar, and packed with essential nutrients that will replenish energy levels – whether you are at home, on the field or in the gym – quickly,” said Guruprakash Iyer, CEO, The Moon Store.

Water and traditional hydration solutions fall short of revitalizing the human body’s energy levels sufficiently. The launch of Moon Lunar Hydration Powder is a major milestone in the realm of nutritional supplements. It quenches thirst and elevates the body’s hydration levels, energy, and overall wellness. It is ideal for athletes looking to improve their performance and recovery, people who need to maintain adequate hydration levels throughout the day, and those looking for healthier alternatives—like sugar- and caffeine-based drinks—for their daily dose of energy. 

Pricing & Availability: The Moon Lunar Hydration Powders are available at INR 290 each on The Moon Store website ( and various retail outlets across the country. The range of Hydration Powders comes in deliciously refreshing flavors: Blueberry, Green Apple, Lemon, Lychee, Strawberry, and Watermelon.