The new brand film highlights starring Hrithik Roshan as a true ‘Beardo’


Men’s popular grooming brand Beardo launched their new campaign on the digital platform which says the Arrival of Don Beardo featuring the superstar actor Hrithik Roshan in its film. The ad film basically highlights the characteristics of a real BEARDO – attractive style, confident personality, and killer looks. The vision behind the campaign is to inspire men to hone their irresistibility by unleashing the Beardo within.

The ad film of 45 seconds highlights the characteristics of a real Beardo impeccable style and assured personality. Each quality has been naturally portrayed by the actor in his persona, both on-screen and off it. The campaign’s line – Want to play God? and sets up the standard for what men can expect to be once they start using Beardo and groom themselves.

Conceptualizing Don Beardo’s character was really effortless to mention. We imagined him to be an epitome of everything we represent – Alpha, intense, charismatic, suave, worthy, sexy, someone you search too, yet are in awe of his power, and he’s always styled to kill also not literally. In this ad film Don, Beardo is portrayed as a man who dreams to be, and casting Hrithik during this campaign was a conscious decision as they felt he could imbibe these qualities and portray them effortlessly on screen and that they are overwhelmed by the results. At Beardo they’re committed to celebrating men’s attractiveness & style with the Arrival of Don Beardo and wanted to form visualizing it as a true possibility. Driven by timeless unwavering style, the vision behind the campaign is to inspire men to hone their sexiness & irresistibility by the brand advertisement.

The campaign, in line with the core purpose of the products, is to reinforce confidence and seize the day, for yourself. The brand believes it’s a way for self-care and Beardo as a brand is – all about you, the person standing ahead of the mirror. So feel good, look good, and began to possess an honest day.

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