The partnership between Qutone Tiles and actor Anil Kapoor is now in its ninth year.

Anil Kapoor
The partnership between Qutone Tiles and actor Anil Kapoor is now in its ninth year.

Qutone Tiles is a premium tile brand that is present in over 60 countries around the world. With the ever-changing situation as well as the demand for Luxury Tile options in India, it is the first time that a Tile Brand has been providing Innovations as well as numerous Tile solutions – all under one roof. The brand provides an array of goods for floor, wall, and work surfaces, as well as external facades. The brand believes in providing consumers with something distinctive and sophisticated. Qutone has always combined the finest offerings and kept consistency for its customers, whether it is its goods or brand communication. Qutone Tile has consistently been dedicated to providing superior goods that exceed the standards of its customers. The business has a clear vision for creativity as well as excellence, which has allowed it to thrive to launch novel goods which respond to the changing requirements of its customers Our audience has assisted us in developing a distinct identity in the business. We are sure that our collaboration together is going to keep strengthening our brand and propel our development in the coming years.” Anil Kapoor, who has appeared in some of Bollywood’s most memorable films, stated, “I am delighted to be continuing my relationship with Qutone Tiles.” We have developed a strong relationship over the years founded on confidence and respect. I am honored to be affiliated with a company that values excellence as well as creativity in the same way that I do. I am excited to collaborate with the Qutone crew to take the company to new heights in India as well as across the globe. Qutone Tiles has previously initiated several campaigns in Anil Kapoor to market its products. These campaigns were enormously successful, assisting the business in brand awareness as well as market share. Qutone Tiles is additionally growing its footprint outside of the country, with a focus on delivering creative goods that meet the requirements of customers in various segments. Qutone Tiles has lofty objectives for future company expansion and growth. The business intends to introduce novel goods and grow into new markets by leveraging its solid reputation and market presence. Qutone Tiles was confident in accomplishing its goals as well as becoming a prominent player within the ceramics industry in India as well as globally alongside Anil Kapoor to be its brand ambassador.

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