The Power of Quantum Technology


Technologies like Cloud Computing, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep learning are being exploited. Despite this, the areas of quantum technology remain mysterious and far away from human imagination. Man has learned and understood the physical world through quantum mechanics.

In this digital age, many businesses and even countries are competing to attain quantum supremacy. The tech giant Google announced last year that it developed Sycamore, a quantum computer, and claimed that it has attained quantum supremacy. Sycamore has the capacity to run a test computation in about 200 seconds. For which the most powerful supercomputers will take around thousands of years to finish.

In the year 1997, Quantum technology was first outlined in a book by Gerard J. Milburn. It refers to quantum technology as a budding field of physics and engineering, depending on the principles of quantum physics. Later, from the invasion of new ideas, from the field of quantum information processing especially quantum computing has been accepted vastly.  Over the years, it has been evident that the advancements in technological applications and businesses have developed hand in hand.

 The field of quantum technology promises spectacular applications such as the creation of novel materials, highly developed metrology, secured communication, and much more. Governments and various organizations realized the advantage of quantum technologies in society, academia, and industry. While universities are exploring the unbelievable applications, the government and organizations are investing in commercialization as well as research of these technologies.

 Paul Martin, Expert in Quantum Technology noted that with the latest accomplishments of engineering, exploiting more of the potential of quantum mechanics is a huge game-changer. Quantum technology is achieving a new hype and will become a part of human lives via nuclear power. He stated that now we are only opening to organize quantum entanglement along with quantum superposition. This promises that improvements in quantum technology to a broad range including everyday gadgets, more dependable navigation, timing systems, more safe communications, more precise healthcare imaging, and more potent computing.

In the recent 2020 budget, The Indian Government declared its plan to invest 1.12 billion USD in quantum computing research during the next five years. An optimistic environment for the future of this technology has been created due to the Government’s support, along with private companies’ capital investments. The countries like US, China, Japan, Germany, and Canada have also announced their grand schemes to boost quantum computing programs.


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