The Premia Academy celebrates International Women’s Day


Hyderabad: March 08th, 2022Premia Academy, an emerging premium educational institution launched ‘Equilibre’ a health initiative to encourage the physical, mental and socio-emotional wellbeing of all their faculty members. As a part of the celebrations, the women staff at the Academy were recognised for their efforts and invaluable contribution in shaping the academy and contributing to its growth. 

Speaking on this occasion, Ms. Sinduri Reddy, Chairperson and Managing Director, The Premia Academy said, “Women are important pillars of society, responsible for its smooth functioning and for shaping the character of the next generation. The teachers play a greater role in helping raise socially responsible, well-cultured, knowledgeable children, who will shape the future of our society. This International Women’s Day, we at Premia Academy have decided to launch this initiative with the intention of ensuring that Women’s Day is not the only day that we express our gratitude for each woman’s contribution to the community.”

This year’s theme of International Women’s Day 2022 is ‘Gender Equality Today for Sustainable Tomorrow’, a philosophy ingrained in the DNA of The Premia Academy. The commitment of The Premia Academy to inclusivity and diversity of the work atmosphere has led to a culture that fosters Gender Equality in every aspect of work and learning. In this light, ‘Equilibre’, meaning balance, will aim at monthly sessions with psychologists, nutritionists and a range of health specialists to promulgate a healthy work-life balance. The Premia ethos and work culture in turn condition students to imbibe gender equality as a societal norm and practice it in their personal space evidently preparing them for a better, and more sustainable tomorrow.