The South African Marketing Research Industry trend in 2013 and beyond


Predicting future may be a dangerous job but when it comes to market and its conditions there is no harm in predicting and being prepared. The South African Marketing Research industry has come out with some data which are very vital for the marketers. Some of the important findings of the study are highlighted below. The study revealed that online marketing survey tools will continue to gain importance in the years to come. It is likely to replace other survey modes.

The increase in smartphone sales and under-sea cable capacity are the main reasons for the growth in online survey modes. It is also predicted that smartphones will penetrate 80 per cent of the market by 2014 and this could further enhance the value of online survey mode.

There are a number of low cost tools available today which enables clients to conduct their own survey. Most of the clients make use of this mode and are comfortable using this mode as they do not have to depend on other companies.

The growing importance of analytics and convenience of cloud-based solutions is making it easy for ordinary men to execute online surveys and obtain detailed reports. This in turn, has left the Market Research firms with no option of resting on their ability to reach consumer as the main value proposition. The research firms are now compelled to focus on advanced analytics, graphics, explanation and presentation.

Advancement in technology also causes too many job losses. There is a less demand for interviewers with the advent of OMR centers and data capture centers.

It is seen that online surveys have a problem addressing the open-ended questions but still it is used as a tool in interviewing. This period is also going to see a heavy trend in graphics and data visualization. The quality of graphics has now improved and now it is taken for granted everywhere. The online survey solution vendors do not report modules.  There are also certain hints about the revival of data visualization. This is certainly going to spur markets and survey solution vendors to pay more attention to their reporting modules.



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