The Story Behind the Success of Mahindra Petrol Engines BS6


We all know that many of the car manufacturers began with petrol engines and then shift to diesel. The native-like Mahindra with the combination of  Tata. First, come diesel and then petrol. Mahindra eagerly looking for a long time to get their petrol engines. At the time of launch KUV100 in 2016, we saw modernistic petrol. The engine secures the future of Mahindra Petrol engines. It is currently used in the KUV along with Mahindra XUV300. If we talking about the engine in the KUV100 is usually going with a motor while the another one XUV300 with a turbocharged unit.

The power outputs of both are different, KUV’s unit making 83hp of power while the XUV300’s motor makes a higher 120hp of power. This engine is seen in the XUV300 Sportz version as well and assured that they provide a power output of 130hp. According to the chief of Global Product Development(Automotive), Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd R Velusamy, the company faced a lot of challenges at the time of the making of petrol engines. He added to her statement, the authority for developing petrol powertrains approach in as early as 2009. With the coordination of comprising 72 people, the making of petrol engines aim is possible. These were the 1.2-liter, 1.5- liter, and 2.0- liter, being small capacity engines, the bore and stroke were kept the same with the swept volume being different.

The engineers of Mahindra maintained the base 1.2-litre MPFi engine with irregular valve timing. They were testing done with CNG as a fuel as well. The ultimate bore results as the KUV100 Trip- car for the fleet markets. Still, the turbocharged version was always in the background remained the same motor in the XUV300.

Velusamy also said the challenge was there to make sure that the NVH of the petrol engines was lower than the diesel units. As we talking about the preference of customers, they usually prefer a diesel engine having the rasping note but today, petrol motor has to be more preferred. 

He said the main reason for the developed petrol engine is to verify the features of the motor.

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