The telecom minister is aggressive in deploying products made in India


The Minister urged players around the world to consider developing partnerships with Indians, companies, manufacturers, startups, and developers.

Ashwini Vaishnav was speaking at the inaugural session of ‘India-Telecom 2022’.

Reaffirming the government’s determination to facilitate trade and ease restrictions in the sector, Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav on Tuesday launched an aggressive pitch to adopt products designed and manufactured in India, citing high quality and cost.

The Minister urged global players to consider developing more partnerships with Indian entrepreneurs, companies, manufacturers, startups, and developers. Speaking at the inaugural session of India-Telecom 2022, the Minister noted that the recently launched Comprehensive Semiconductor Program has received a “positive response”.

Listing India’s rapid advances in the introduction of new-age technologies, he said the 5G network was in its final stages of development.

The country has also developed 4G core networks and radio networks locally while participating in developing 6G standards. “… on the part of the government, it is committed to deregulation and to ensure that the regulations are timely and that the industry is committed to investment … The industry sees engagement with the government as a very seamless experience,” he said. Addressing the virtual event.

He urged industry, academia, organizations, and global players to “take seriously” the products designed and manufactured in India. “These will bring better quality, (these) are more economical, and they will be at the level of a very up-to-date technology … which is going to meet the expectations of the customers of the telecom networks,” he said. Great opportunity”.

India has emerged as a major hub for electrical energy production. He pointed out that domestic electricity generation is about the US $ 75 billion.

“It is growing by more than 20% in CAGR … We have now launched a large semiconductor program, a very comprehensive one … from silicon toys to composite semiconductors, from manufacturing led by the design in creating and later developing a series of entrepreneurs. Vaishnav said the response to the project was “excellent” with 85,000 semiconductor engineers.

He urged global players to seriously consider collaborating with Indian entrepreneurs, companies, manufacturers, startups, and developers.

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