THG Ingenuity and G.O.A.T Brand Labs have announced a strategic collaboration.

THG Ingenuity and G.O.A.T Brand Labs have announced a strategic collaboration.

The businesses hope to scale as well as expedite worldwide internet sales growth over Indian consumer brands through this collaboration.

THG Ingenuity, an Technology services subsidiary of THG Holdings, and G.O.A.T Brand Labs have unveiled a strategic partnership to jointly create and implement localized digital assets in India. THG Ingenuity provides a unified commerce framework with the full suite of technological advances, and digital as well as operations omnichannel capabilities that are favored by several major direct-to-consumer (“DTC”) and consumer brand behemoths worldwide and in India. The collaboration among G.O.A.T Brand Labs, as well as THG Ingenuity, will result in the companies collaborating to create localized digital capabilities to assist India’s leading consumer brands in scaling up their online retail companies, representing an important milestone towards future-proofing the Indian DTC ecosystem’s robust growth. In addition, as a prominent DTC player in the nation of India, G.O.A.T Brand Labs’ collaboration alongside THG Ingenuity will supply it with extra resources to assist homegrown DTC brands in making informed, data-driven decisions to extend their appeal to worldwide consumers via e-commerce channels. THG Ingenuity has helped fuel e-commerce and DTC growth for many of the world’s leading brands by leveraging over 18 years of experience in digital studios as well as creative, digital marketing, and trading, and putting money into proprietary Technology, Operations, Brand, and Data. THG Holdings plc owns Myprotein, the world’s largest sports food brand, which has experienced strong DTC growth in India over the last five years thanks to Ingenuity’s core technology, business infrastructure, as well as digital offerings, such as its unique influencer and material creator model. G.O.A.T Brand Labs was established in May 2021 by Rishi Vasudev as well as Rameswar Mishra with the goal of “making Indian DTC Stars World Famous.” The collaboration of G.O.A.T Brand Labs and THG Ingenuity brings the company one step closer to its aim of having indigenous DTC businesses celebrated globally. THG Ingenuity CEO Vivek Ganotra stated, “We are thrilled to be collaborating alongside G.O.A.T Brand Labs to assist brands within the DTC sector scale-up.” Rishi’s clarity of vision and emphasis on turbocharging DTC in the nation has impressed me. We believe that our collaboration will assist G.O.A.T Brand Labs’ brands as well as additional Indian DTC brands scaling their online retail evolution and becoming the best of their kind, which aligns with Ingenuity’s vision over brands and will assist them to grow tremendously in the e-commerce realm.”

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