Things to Know: Whatsapp Payments


Initially, as part of a test run, WhatsApp Pay was introduced in February 2018 in India. This was launched to a million users. Under a corporation with ICICI Bank WhatsApp Pay was brought in to a million users. On February 7, 2020, NPCI approved the WhatsApp app to roll out its digital payment service in a phased mode. WhatsApp offered payment services to 10 million users in the country in the primary phase.

To send or receive money on the WhatsApp payment feature, one needs to have a bank account along with a debit card in India. Users can do their transaction on WhatsApp to anyone using this UPI supported app. Well, here are some things that WhatsApp wants its users to know. This is to improve customer experiences and to avoid scams using WhatsApp Payments.

The entire process is simple and something one will have to do on their own. WhatsApp will never ask for banking information or payments-related from its users to set up Payments on your WhatsApp number. Any call or message that claims to assist in setting up WhatsApp Payments on one’s mobile number, is a scam. 

Don’t look for WhatsApp Payment’s customer care number on Google. It has no authorized customer care number. Therefore don’t fall for customer service scams. Know that it is a fraud caller if you happen to find any customer care number on WhatsApp. In case of any issue with Payments, immediately reach out to your bank. 

Hitting on the‘Pay’ button deducts money from the bank account instantly. If any Payment requests are received on WhatsApp, keep in mind that the moment you hit on ‘Tap’ the transaction will be approved and the amount will be deducted from the bank account. Therefore, be cautious before accepting Payment requests. 

Never share card details, OTP, or UPI pin with anyone for WhatsApp Payments or any other reason. It may show the way to direct financial fraud. Users are not required to share one’s UPI PIN with anyone for using WhatsApp payments. 

Avoid clicking on any unknown links over WhatsApp or other mediums. These links might be used to ‘phish’ money from one’s bank account. 

Be very careful before you pay money to someone that is not on your WhatsApp contact list. It is recommended that you only accept Payment requests from known people on WhatsApp. Be cautious of a Payment request claiming to be your friend but from a different phone number.

It is always a good habit to call and make sure the transaction before and after paying over UPI. This will help to verify that the money was paid to the correct person or not.


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