This Prime Day, new hot playlists are released on Amazon Prime Music for users.


On Amazon Prime Day, which falls on July 23 and 24 this year, Amazon Prime Music is planning to provide a musical extravaganza for subscribers. Prime subscribers will now have access to a variety of content in multiple languages, including both timeless classics and brand-new songs. These brand-new releases will appeal to music lovers of all ages and offer new titles and properties for each listener.

Music lovers now have a go-to location for the most popular, globally popular music. These global playlists, which are being introduced in Hindi and Telugu on the service, are a celebration of new, trendy, and viral music.

Popular musicians from Bollywood, Indian Pop, and independent pop culture in Hindi music, including Shreya Ghoshal, Armaan Malik, A. R. Rahman, Jubin Nautiyal, and Amaal Mallik, will be featured on the Hindi playlist Desi Vibes.

Currently, over 40% of Hindi consumers who use Amazon Prime Music on a weekly basis interact with new releases, accounting for close to 35–40% of all streams in Hindi. The Telugu playlist Fully Tolly is a hub for the newest, trendiest, and most frequently requested Telugu songs—a place where artists and record labels compete for attention.

These playlists are simultaneously released in countries throughout the world where Indian music is popular, including the UK, US, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

Fresh Indie, a recent addition to Amazon Prime Music, is a one-stop location created to promote new independent music and rising artists through a unified playlist, recognizing and promoting the culture of emerging independent music. This playlist of more than 20 songs will include the newest independent music from India in all languages and its subgenres.

The Artist of the Month Catalogue, a fitting tribute to timeless artists and their music in several languages, is another intriguing offering. Most notable, legendary award-winning musicians and their songs are covered by AOTM. By offering a variety of well-curated albums and playlists, AOTM hopes to help fans rediscover their favorite artists.

Amazon Prime Music will continue to delight music lovers with this offering, which will be made available for English, Punjabi, and Tamil languages during Prime Day and will include premium content as well as features like offline download, lyrics, and Alexa support.

When a Prime member streams their first song or podcast on the Amazon Prime Music App and makes a purchase on Prime Day, Amazon Prime Music will also give them Rs 150 cashback on * T&C Apply.

Paul Firth, Director of Amazon Music International, commented on the launch, saying, “At Amazon Music, we work hard to create unique experiences for our listeners, assisting them in discovering and connecting with their favourite music and artists. We believe that the worldwide playlists we’re releasing with this launch will establish themselves as the go-to resource for any language listener in the Indian diaspora. We’re also increasing our playlist selection.

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