This Valentine’s Day, Manforce unveils a new campaign Ab India hoga #PyaarMeinHigh

This Valentine’s Day, Manforce unveils a new campaign Ab India hoga #PyaarMeinHigh
This Valentine’s Day, Manforce unveils a new campaign Ab India hoga #PyaarMeinHigh
Manforce Condoms introduces all new Manforce high range of condoms.
Manforce Condoms India’s No.1 Condom brand from the house of Mankind Pharma has launched an innovative campaign #PyaarMeinHigh to celebrate Valentine’s Day week in a unique way. 
Manforce Condoms is India s No.1 condom brand with a whopping 30%* Market share (Value wise) while it’s an undisputed leader when it comes to the volume market share i.e. 28%*. Manforce has successfully maintained the leader position year on year. *As per IQVIA MAT DEC 2023
To spice up the occasion, through this campaign the brand proposes to celebrate the entire ‘Love Week’ rather than just being limited to Valentine’s Day. The brand conducted a captivating social experiment in collaboration with Gaurav Kapoor, a well-known stand-up comedian and influencer. A vox-pop film that features individuals from diverse age groups and captures the essence of the best gifts people have given or planning to give to their loved ones. 
Through this film, the brand highlights the message that this Valentine’s Day, give your partner a bouquet from the Manforce HIGH Condom Range. Resonating with #PyaarMeinHigh theme, Manforce Condoms ingeniously decided to elevate the excitement with the introduction of High Condom Range bouquets offering an option to choose from Kiwi Paan and Double Apple flavours. 
The brand has also collaborated with stand-up comedians such as Harsh Gujral, Gaurav Kapoor, Rajat Sood, Satish Ray and Inder Sahani as part of the campaign, all of the five influencers are known for their witty content.
In an exciting twist, the brand has also implemented a user-generated content strategy to enhance engagement and broaden the campaign’s reach. The #PyaarMeinHigh challenge invites participants to share reels, videos, or pictures showcasing the best gifts they have given their partners, tagging the brand with the hashtag #PyaarMeinHigh. The brand will choose four lucky winners, each receiving a different cash prize. However, one lucky winner will cash a prize of up to INR 1 lakh. The winners will be announced on February 23rd.
Adding to the campaign’s momentum, the brand has creatively integrated meme marketing, injecting humour and relatability to ignite excitement and conversation surrounding the initiative. 
Speaking on the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, AVP of Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma Ltd., said, “Our objective has always been about connecting with our target audience in new and meaningful ways. This time with #PyaarMeinHigh, we intend to not just celebrate love but spread joy that strengthens connections more deeply. Our campaign #PyaarMeinHigh is a testament to our commitment to celebrating love in all its forms, and for the same, we have implemented various marketing approaches to ensure the message reaches far and wide and people join us together in celebrating the power of love”.