This Women’s Day, AcneStar face wash celebrates the freedom of women


AcneStar Face Wash from the house of Mankind Pharma has come up with a campaign on this International Women’s Day, urging all of us to break the patriarchy. The campaign highlights the words such as Look good, great, presentable, attractive, impeccable and pleasing that are offently used for a woman that makes them under peer pressure throughout their day to day life.

The video campaign launched by AcneStar Facewash showcases women from different walks of life to spread the message that ‘a woman is supposed to do whatever she wants to & she will look beautiful more than ever’. There are numerous stereotypes and roles that society has built around women. Rules and regulations that are engraved in our head without any proof. From how they are ‘supposed’ to look, what they are ‘supposed’ to do, where they are ‘supposed’ to work and the list can go on.

Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales and Marketing,  Mankind Pharma, said, “On this International Women’s Day, we have spread the message of freedom for women and urge each one of us, not to dictate what a woman should do & how is she supposed to look like, she is perfect in her own way”.

Last year, AcneStar face wash came up with the #ThankYouHaters campaign to fight against the rise in online trolling on social media.

AcneStar is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial face wash that fights with the biggest enemy of skin that is acne and pimples and gives a beautiful clear skin, free from acne.


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