This Women’s Day iDiva Celebrates Resilience & Entrepreneurial Zeal Of Next-Gen Indian Women


New Delhi, March 8th 2021: A group of courageous Indian women stepped up to the plate and entered the world of entrepreneurship recently, steering their businesses through uncertainty into a post-pandemic world. This Women’s Day, India’s largest lifestyle destination for women, iDiva is celebrating these inspiring women business owners, and the stories of their struggles, triumphs and resilience. They helped transform one of the gravest humanitarian crises in modern history into a window of opportunity for themselves while inspiring other women along the way.

Featuring over 24 startups across food, fashion, mental & sexual health among others, these stories are a reflection of the power of women to create an impact within their communities, and society at large. For instance, amidst rising stress & anxiety levels within the wider Indian population, Bhavya Arora and Bani Singh launched online platforms that made professional mental health care accessible to all – empowering thousands to live healthier and happier lives. Similarly, Kavita Jaiswal from Chhattisgarh, Benaaz Anam from Guwahati and Pallaguttapale Women’s Collective from the Chittoor District in Andhra Pradesh went above and beyond to support the lives and livelihoods of local weavers & women’s groups while bringing innovative & sustainable products to the world. 

Similarly, Radhika Chopra launched a community-led sexual health platform, while Veera Health, a start-up by sisters Shashwata Narain and Shobhita Narain focuses on PCOS care. Last but not the least, Harbhajan Kaur, a 94-year-old from Chandigarh went viral in 2020 after the word about her budding besan laddoo venture spread like wildfire! The exciting and rousing details of the stories of these inspiring individuals are set to be featured on iDiva starting March 5th all the way until the end of the month.

Speaking at the launch of the series, iDiva Editor-in-Chief Namrata Nongpiur said, The world has moved on from archaic notions that women should stay home and raise kids, and today, more Indian women are testing the waters of entrepreneurship than ever before. While most of these figures may not have had the privilege of their male counterparts or the backing of institutional investors, it’s important to realise that they have left a lasting impression on our society. This Women’s Day, we have dug up a bunch of these inspiring stories of budding women entrepreneurs irrespective of their age, location and sector in order to celebrate the power of their spirit, and help pave the entrepreneurial road for the next generation.”

Angad Bhatia, Founder-iDiva & CEO – Indiatimes Lifestyle Network said, ”The history of female entrepreneurship in India dates back decades, and it’s unfortunate that we don’t read any of them in history textbooks. However, these female business owners were pioneers, and have made it possible for other women to take a leaf out of their book, fuelling the rise of modern women entrepreneurs. At iDiva, we realised the need to document and celebrate these simple-yet-extraordinary women across the length and breadth of our country, and their achievements in order to inspire today’s youngsters to take up entrepreneurship!”

Check out the list of India’s most inspiring women entrepreneurs:


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