Titan announces the launch of Titan Smart Labs – “Engineering meets Evolution”


Hyderabad: 10th August 2022: Titan announces the launch of Titan Smart Labs – A dedicated engineering center to create innovative and diversified products to meet evolving consumer demands. It aims to breathe life into ground-breaking ideas by harnessing cutting-edge technologies and bolstering its design, development, and testing capabilities. Titan Smart Labs was inaugurated by Sri. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT) Departments of the Telangana Government, along with Mr. C. K. Venkataraman, Managing Director, Titan, Ms. Suparna Mitra, CEO – Watches & Wearable’s, Titan, Mr. Ravi Kuppuraj COO, Watches & Wearables, Titan and Mr. Raj Neravati Head of Product and Technology, Watches & Wearables, Titan in the presence of employees of Titan Smart Labs and Business Leaders from Tech and startup companies in Hyderabad.

Being a leader in the Smart segment, Titan aims to lead the innovation path for new-age India. Titan’s multi-year vision is to expand its world-class engineering capabilities and develop innovative next-generation products powered by in-house designs and backed by more than three decades of consumer service experience.

Young India is already a buzzing marketplace with a growing consumer base of youngsters, tech enthusiasts, and early adopters. The post-pandemic world has fueled this growth further in the consumption of Wearables & Hearables. Thanks to work-from-home, growing health consciousness among people, and several other factors. Wearables offer an initial excitement followed by limited usage due to rhetoric experience unless the consumer has specific goals to achieve. Titan Smart Labs aspires to gamify, introduce behavioral patterns and bring a rewarding experience to its consumers.

Titan Smart Labs will be established in Hyderabad and headed by Mr.Raj Neravati, who brings more than two decades of diversified industry experience. Prior to Titan, Raj founded a startup, Hug Innovations, which Titan acquired at the beginning of 2020.

Speaking on this occasion, Ms. Suparna Mitra, CEO of Titan Watches & Wearables, said “Titan is stepping up rapidly with an ambitious vision to become the definitive leader in the smart wearable and hearable industry. We intend to deliver products beyond lifestyle and make a meaningful impact on consumers”

Adding to it, Mr. Raj NeravatiHead of Product and Technology, Watches & Wearables, Titan said, “Titan Smart Labs will aim to drive technological advances powered by in-house experts in Hardware, PCB Design, Algorithms, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. This office is set up in the utmost non-traditional working space format with sleeping pods, a basketball court, an ideation room, and a casual cafeteria to bring freshness and vibe to the working place. People should feel like coming to the office and working here. There is a lot of excitement within the team, and this new establishment will help us attract the best talent.”