Title: Introducing “OnChain India” program to boost the Indian Web3 Ecosystem

Title: Introducing “OnChain India” program to boost the Indian Web3 Ecosystem
Title: Introducing “OnChain India” program to boost the Indian Web3 Ecosystem
Levitate Labs in collaboration with CoinSwitch and Coinbase is introducing the groundbreaking “OnChain India” program to elevate the Indian Onchain ecosystem by fostering innovation and providing unprecedented support. The program entails elevating the Indian Web3 start-up ecosystem through Grants and Funding, Ecosystem partnerships, Community events, etc. With the support from the Base.
“Base is for everyone, and we’re excited for Levitate Labs’ OnChain India program to support and empower individuals, startups, and communities in India’s thriving developer community,” said Sam Frankel, Head of Ecosystem at Base. “We’re excited to support Levitate Labs in providing the resources and support needed to unlock India’s on-chain adoption potential,” he added.
Ashish Singhal, Co-Founder, CoinSwitch quoted, “After the grand success of “Onchain Summer” by Base in the US, we are excited to partner with Levitate Labs to bring the same zeal for their India launch! Base has carved a niche for itself by focusing on being a consumer-first chain and has tremendous scope for growth in India’s large digital market. We hope to see several builders explore unique Dapps, as they innovate to bring masses onchain and make Web3 mainstream in India”.
Pratik Magar, Managing Partner of Levitate Labs, remarked, “Collaborating with Base marks a significant step toward scaling the Onchain ecosystem in India. Our goal is to empower developers and startups to create groundbreaking solutions leveraging Base that can revolutionise industries and improve lives. The ‘OnChain India’ Program is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the Web3 space.”
The “OnChain India” program is set to onboard approximately 50 projects by 2025, featuring the following initiatives and activities:
– Funding and Grants: Base Grant program and Partner Venture Firms.
– Community Events: PAN India meet-ups and College sessions with the support of the hackathons. These events will bring together developers, builders, aspirers, and investors to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas, fostering growth within the Onchain community.
Click here to apply for the “OnChain India” Program