Top 20 Exciting Youth Brands in India: Economic Times Survey


I once read something interesting describing the youth of the nation – ‘catch them before they catch you’! And this thought that almost instantaneously registered in my mind is definitely on the minds of the marketers as well.

With a huge chunk of population in the youth segment, marketers have been coming up with campaigns and positioning strategies targeting the youth from time to time. So which of these have worked; which of these excite the youth most; let’s look at some of the findings from an Economic Times Survey!

  • Nokia – despite stiff competition from mobile giants like Samsung and Apple and Indian makers like that of Micromax, Nokia still captures a major share of Youth’s minds. Nokia claims to have the best music services and other sports related services which make it a popular brand among the youth.
  • Coca-Cola – Coke believes in spreading the message that cuts across boundaries- demographic and geographical. Their communication strategy has helped them gain a good mind share among the youth.
  • 7up – Interestingly, the lemon based soft drink, sits high at the third spot – all thanks to the messaging of mood upliftment and spreading joy- remember the “i Feel up campaign’?!
  • Thums Up – The brand that looks to bring out the dare devil in you. Similar to its stronger taste from other cola brands, its messaging also is quite stronger in terms of the theme and concept that appeals well with the youth.
  • Mirinda– Again the result of the messaging that relates to the youth. The theme of the messaging in recent times has been ‘madness’ – something that should be there in everyone’s lives.

Now these were the top 5 and since I promised to share a list of top 20, here goes – at #6 is the Mango based drink – Mazaa, #7 is Vodafone, #8 is Frooti, #9 is 5 Star,#10 is Cadbury Dairy Milk.

The next 10 in the last are ( order by ranking 11-20) – Pepsi, Samsung, Airtel, Kit Kat, Slice, Sprite, LG, Fanta, Hero Motor Corp and finally Limca.

We hope that marketers, by all means take further steps to scale up the youth’s minds as this segment can make or break any brand and thus the business opportunities too! Let us wait for next year’s Economic Times Survey to see the variations in the position of these brands in the minds of Indian Youth.


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