Top 5 Agriculture drone startup in 2021


Agriculture is an evergreen sector that will continue to provide humans with high-quality products for centuries. It is one of the few sectors that has experienced significant transformations to fulfil the demands of a growing population. A new category has arisen to improve the efficiency of agricultural enterprises – agriculture drone companies. 

Companies offering drones for agriculture can carry out analyses of soil changes, irrigation, and fungus infestations. It aids in comprehending agricultural fields without the need for a physical presence. It is the primary benefit provided by the leading agricultural drone companies.

The rising population and the desire to enhance food production quality are the primary factors driving the expansion of this industry. Furthermore, technological advancements resulted in the invention of drones. As a result, agricultural productivity will benefit. Further, the acceptance of real-time data analysis and field survey solutions is one of the factors driving the growth of agriculture drone businesses.

According to Verified Market Research’s study, Global Agriculture Drone Companies’ Market Report, this market was worth USD 870 million in 2018. It is estimated to reach USD 7,390 million in 2026   by incorporating modern technologies.

Here is a list of the top 5 emerging agriculture drones start-ups to know about in 2021:


Among the agricultural drone start-ups, Aerobottics focuses on on-farm management and pest management. Aerobotics has seen remarkable growth in recent years. For starters, it claims to hold the world’s vast private data set of trees and citrus fruit, having processed 81 million plants and over a million citrus fruits.

It provides artificial intelligence-enabled pest identification, drone photography services, disease diagnosis, orchard management, and yield management. It is a Cape Town-based start-up established in 2014.


Gamaya is a precision agricultural system that employs HSI technology delivered through drones. The firm was formed in 2014 and is placed in Switzerland, and is a winner of the IMD start-up competition.

It is among start-ups that are using remote-controlled aircraft for remote sensing and high-resolution images in agriculture. It detects 40 distinct light bands. A survey of the area is then generate using hyperspectral images captured by a drone. Gamaya cameras have been utilised in a few scientific studies to capture data for hyperspectral surveys of crops.


XAG manufactures drones for precise agriculture applications. It is agricultural drone start-ups that supply drones to local businesses that provide pesticide-spraying services to individual farmers. It is a China-based start-up established in 2007.

XAG employs around 1,400 people, and in addition to precision farming drones, the business has developed mapping drones and agricultural AI solutions for farmers.

Tevel Aerobotics Technologies

It is a start-up that uses AI-powered autonomous drones to harvest fruits. A Tevel drone can harvest fruit or trim and thin fruit plants by using its mechanical claw.

Tevel Aerobotics Technology is creating fruit-picking autonomous flying robots, has secured $20 million in new investment.


Agribotix delivers precision agriculture solutions using drones. It processes and analyses data for precision agriculture. Soil preparation services, such as land breaking and ploughing, are also provided by the company.

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