Top 5 companies that finance and invest in image and face recognition


This year has seen arta lot of venture capital investment in the face and image recognition business, with facial recognition start-ups getting a lot of attention through early-stage fundraising rounds.

Let’s look at the top companies that finance and invest in face and image recognition in 2021:


SenseTime is a premier AI software firm dedicated to innovating for a better AI-powered future. SenseTime is committed to advancing the state-of-the-art in AI research, developing scalable and affordable AI software platforms that benefit businesses, people, and society, and attracting and nurturing top talent, shaping the future together.

Amount Raised: US$2.82 billion.

Transaction Type: Series D.

Investors: China Merchants Securities, Wanda Plaza


Intellifusion has released the world’s first non-cooperative facial recognition system, “DeepEye,”. In the field of public security; the scenario management and business analysis system, “VesionBook,” in smart retail; and the world’s leading one-stop AI enabling platform, AI OS, for urban intelligent computing, data analysis, and industrial testing. At the same time, it develops leading algorithms, modules, devices, cloud solutions, and data analysis services based on Intellifusion’s state-of-the-art algorithm, chip, and big data multidimensional capabilities.

Amount Raised: US$287 million.

Transaction Type: Series D.

Investors: Green Pine Capital Partners, Zhen Fund.

Standard Cognition

Standard Cognition offers an autonomous checkout solution installed in current retail locations. Standard’s technology represents a significant step forward for merchants who desire autonomous checkout but do not want to develop a new store to get it.

Amount Raised: US$231 million.

Transaction Type: Series C.

Investors: Draper Associates, Palm Drive Capital. utilizes artificial intelligence to coordinate stroke care, decreasing systemic delays that keep patients from receiving life-saving medicines. It’s a novel approach to using technology to improve stroke workflow and patient care. Its AI-powered technologies detect and warn stroke teams within minutes of suspected major vessel occlusion strokes and finished CT perfusion tests in their network.

Amount Raised: US$52 million.

Transaction Type: Series C.

Investors: Susa Ventures, GV.


OJO combines machine learning and human knowledge to give you individualized advice that is as unique as you are. OJO provides personalized help and insights based on a thorough understanding of your requirements and preferences. It offers a network of top-rated real estate specialists, and we’ll connect you with the expert who can best assist you on your journey.

Amount Raised: US$134 million.

Transaction Type: Series D.

Investors: Breyer Capital, Wafra.

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