Top 5 medical robotics companies that support the healthcare industry


The concept of robotics is as broad as the planet’s terrain. Robotics is a combination of applied science, engineering and computer science. Robotic applications are looking to advance the healthcare industry, which is probably one of the most lucrative industries in the world.

Since then, medical robotics companies have gained a great deal of trust around the world and have grown significantly. Technologies used for medical robotics include AI-power machinery, software, applications, physical and virtual mechanisms.

Medical robotics is spread across various departments of health care, including surgery, medicine, nursing, consultation, and diagnosis. The computerized medical assistance that led to the creation of the medical robotics class, empowered by artificial intelligence and intensive databases, has controlled the subtle and mundane human work to a point where efficiency has reached a high level.

In such a situation some reputed medical robotics companies have elevated the healthcare industry with their proactive efforts and facilities.

Energid Technologies

Actin is one of the leading medical robotics developed by them and is well recognized around the world. Energid’s Actin is one of the company’s flagship products, and has gained remote capabilities and multi-robotic systems. Many useful features of the Act in health care include surgical operations, equipment breakdown prevention, human forgetfulness, and health care communication.

Medtronics PLC

American-Irish medical device industry specializing in insulin pumps and pacemakers. Therapeutic devices are another popular service that Medtronics has expanded. Sections including low invasive therapies, cardiac-vascular, restorative therapies, and diabetes are some of the key areas in Medtronics. These are the areas that inspire innovative robotic devices.

Striker Corporation

The US-based Striker Corporation has developed advanced medical equipment with the help of robotics technology. It is a multinational company that joins the network of health tech companies around the world. This medical robotics company manufactures surgical instruments for navigating, treating, implanting, communicating and monitoring. Business-to-business marketing and sales are commonly applied to Stryker.

Exo Bionics

Automated exoskeleton equipment manufactured by Exo Bionics makes it possible to recover immobility in patients who have experienced adverse conditions such as paralysis or immobility. The rehabilitation component of this device contributes to the core quality of this medical robotics company.

Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet, a publicly traded company, is responsible for the manufacture and development of intelligent orthopedic aluminum splints. As a specialist in prosthetics at the Medical Robotics Company, Zimmer has a background that affects the knees, hips, back, elbows, ankles, and other skeletal parts of the body where deformities occur.

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