Top 5 Scholarships for AI Education


People who are fond of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science strive to expand their knowledge on it through online courses and so on. Doing online fellowships and courses not only helps you to build your intellectual skills but also shapes a good future for your career

It is indeed a very disappointing fact that most of the children fail to select suitable scholarships. They are not able to decide what is right for them. Listed below are the best scholarships offered by universities all over the world.

Chevening Scholarship

Offered by – Queen’s Mary University, London

Stipend Offered– Not disclosed

Eligibility Criteria– Must have a strong academic background

About the scholarship: This global scholarship is provided by the UK government for students who urge to pursue majors in Artificial Intelligence. Both accommodations, as well as tuition fees, are covered by the scholarship.

UpGrad Scholarship

Offered by– UpGrad

Stipend Offered– 50,000-60,000 INR

Eligibility Criteria–

  • Applicant must have cleared bachelor’s/master’s degree.
  • Applicant must score 50% in graduation.
  • Applicants must clear the selection test of the scholarship program to enter.

About the scholarship: This scholarship is for the ones who are seeking a post-graduate degree in data science. Students have to attend offline classes twice a month along with 400 hours of online learning.

INSOFE Big Data Scholarship 

Offered by– INSOFE

Stipend Offered– 25,000-30,000 INR

Eligibility Criteria–

  • Applicants should take an eligibility test conducted by INSOFE.
  • Applicants with prior work experience are preferred.
  • Applicants should have a strong academic background.

About the scholarship: INSOFE is a school of applied engineering which mainly focuses on data science and analytics. Hence if you’re interested to study big data, data analytics, and data management in business organizations and companies, this scholarship is apt for you.

Intel Edge AI Scholarship Program

Offered by- Udacity

Stipend Offered– Not Disclosed

Eligibility Criteria- 

  • Applicants must have strong interests in Computer Vision Technology.
  • Must possess skills like Python and C++.
  • Must be familiar with command line basics.

About the scholarship: If you have a keen interest in gaining knowledge on working with computer vision deep learning models, this scholarship is for you. Through this program, students will gain practical skills in employing and deploying AI technology.

DeepMind Scholarship 

Offered by– Windsor Fellowship and University College, London

Stipend Offered– £25,000

Eligibility Criteria–

  • Applicants must have MSc degrees in the Computer Science field.
  • Applicants must be female.
  • Applicants must be from African and Caribbean heritage.

About the scholarship: This is a women’s scholarship for the ones belonging to African and Caribbean regions. DeepMind technology is a British-based subsidiary that encourages and promotes Artificial Intelligence for every sector. 

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