Top 5 tech stocks to invest your money for better impact


Advances in the technology sector are driving up the demand for technology stocks from leading tech companies around the world. It is hoped that in the future technology will dominate. Thus, motivating investors to invest in tech-stocks has become technically efficient in the future without any external problems.

According to Yahoo Finance, Analytics Insight provides a list of the top 5 tech stocks.

Square, Inc.

Current price: US $ 232.33

Market value: US $ 106.94 billion

Square, Inc. is a popular technology company focused on creating tools for sellers to accept credit card payments while reporting and analyzing. It is known for delivering hardware products such as Magstripe Reader, Contactless, Chip Reader, Field Communication Payments, Square Stand, Square Register, Square Terminal, Square Appointments, and Square Dashboards.

Latch, Inc.

Current price: US $ 9.78

Market value: US $ 1.38 billion

Latch is an enterprise tech company with products such as the Latch LOS for Commercial Office, Contactless Visitor Entry Latch Visitor Express, Latch Lens, Latch ID and Latch C2 utility. It is famous for its smart devices, sensor controls, delivery management and other personalized solutions.

Matterport, Inc.

Current price: US $ 19.55

Market Cap: US $ 4.73 billion

Matoport is known as a spatial data company that focuses on digitizing and indexing the built world while offering digital twins. There are different products and services like Matterport Capture, Matterport Workshop, Matterport Showcase, Matterport VR with 3D cameras, and many more fun experiences.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Current price: US $ 54.93

Market value: US $ 231.68 billion

As a technology company, Cisco Systems is known for designing and building Internet Protocol (IP) based networking and other products related to the communication and IT industry around the world. It is a popular tech stock provided by infrastructure platforms, Cisco Telepresence, IoT and analytics software. There are a variety of services for customers, such as technical support and advanced services.

Texas Instruments Inc.

Current price: US $ 193.37

Market value: US $ 178.52 billion

Texas Instruments is a popular buy stock for electronics designers and manufacturers around the world, investors who design and manufacture semiconductors. This tech company operates in two categories – analog and embedded processing. Both of these segments are known for offering power products to control power requirements, single-chain products for amplifiers, data converters and more.

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