Top Big Data CTOS in India in 2021


Big Data is a very popular expression that has gotten a ton of inclusion. It
has been at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts for quite a while. Big
is spreading quickly and is on the edge of attacking the whole globe.
It has assumed control over the IT areas as well as taking over different
ventures. Enormous Data is turning into a fundamental piece of unique start-ups because of the benefits it gives.

Today, as mechanical headways become the overwhelming focus, more
organizations and people are jumping into the universe of enormous information. India is one of the leading nations in the competition to smooth out big data because of its developing populace and top-of-the-line specialists.

1)Rahul Monie of Absolutdata

Rahul Monie works in Absolutdata Analytics, a functioning firm
situated in Gurgaon, as the Chief Technology Officer. He is an accomplished
Technology Specialist with experience in overseeing a high-development IT
framework, driving multi-disciplinary outcomes, and driving vital bearing for the organization that gives a computerized item suite including innovations.

2)Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi of Crayon Data

Vijaya Kumar is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Crayon Data, a Singapore-based enormous information examination item organization with an advancement community in Chennai. He
gives business executives and change counseling administrations utilizing
trendy innovation like inserted frameworks, cloud administrations, enormous information examination, and versatility. He is additionally one of the Co-Founders of India Innovation Labs up zeroed in on advanced media and the travel industry in the space of expanded reality and mechanical technology.

3)Ansar Shihabudeen at QBurst

Ansar heads QBurst’s innovation activities as the Chief Technology
Officer. He directs vital and building choices through the product
administration portfolio, staying aware of the most recent tech improvements. He gives top-caliber and practical programming advancement administrations to QBurst’s worldwide client base by being talented in an assortment of advances and structures. Ansar has worked in the IT business for more than 15 years.

4)Ramesh Hariharan of LatentView

LatentView Analytics’ Head of Innovation is Ramesh Hariharan. He is the
Co-Founder of LatentView Analytics, a quickly becoming worldwide examination
arrangements supplier for Fortune 1000 customers. Ramesh is likewise
an information, math, and innovation nerd. In information science, AI, and
perception, he is eager about creating choice administration arrangements that convey approved ROI to customers.

5)Ramana SV of Genpact

Ramana has been instrumental in guaranteeing that organization’s IT
association has developed a couple with its market, bringing about cost
investment funds and expanded profitability. Ramana and the Genpact IT group have received virtualization programs for workers, stockpiling, organizations, and work areas, alongside the union of IT resources, prompting in the general expense of possession.

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