Trailblazing Entrepreneurs Redefining the Indian Business Landscape

Trailblazing Entrepreneurs Redefining the Indian Business Landscape

August 21st bears significance as World Entrepreneurs’ Day, a dedicated event that reveres entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation on a global level. It’s a juncture to recognize not only founders, executives, and creators but also those working behind the scenes, contributing not just to the functioning but also the growth of thriving ventures. On World Entrepreneurs’ Day, we extend our admiration to the trailblazers who have not just redefined India’s business landscape but have also kindled a spark of innovation and aspiration throughout the nation. Let’s delve into their extraordinary tales of achievement and the pathways they’ve paved for the upcoming generations.

Sangeet Kumar – orchestrating a paradigm shift in warehousing dynamics

With over two decades of expertise in process automation and material handling, Mr. Sangeet Kumar, CEO and Co-founder of Addverb, also an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, laid the foundation for Addverb along with 3 other Co-founders. His journey, enriched by roles in robotics, high-speed packing machines, and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, found its crescendo during his tenure at Asian Paints. At the age of 29 only, he became a dynamic Factory Manager, he spearheaded automation, resolving disputes, and orchestrating expansions. Mr. Kumar’s entrepreneurial spark led to the inception of Addverb, bridging the gap between technology and warehousing. He and other co-founders started Addverb with 400 sq. ft. office in Delhi to building the world’s largest factory in India and becoming a global leader in robotics and automation. 

Shan Kadavil, CEO & Co-founder, FreshToHome – Fulfilling India’s Meaty Needs

Shan is an entrepreneur and multi-functional leader who has jump-started many of the popular technology companies and start-ups in the United States and India. In his previous role as the India Founder & Country Manager, Shan is credited for having built the first and largest Studio outside the US for Zynga, a leader in social gaming and maker of popular titles such as Farmville, CityVille, Draw Something, Words with Friends and Mafia Wars. Prior to Zynga, Shan ran Product at, a California based company as their Vice President of Products. Shan has also served in senior management and advisory roles across a number of the leading companies in the world. He has been named twice in the Exhibit magazine “100 Top Tech Indians” list, has won numerous awards including the Economic Times “Most Promising Entrepreneur of 2019” and was also honored by the Prime Minister of India as part of the “Champions of Change” program. Shan holds a number of patents in the areas of Big Data & Cloud Computing and has also participated in the World Economic Forum.

Hemant Vishnoi – Revolutionizing B2B Payments Landscape

Hemant Vishnoi, Co-founder of EnKash, one of the fastest-growing all-in-one Spends Management and Corporate Cards Companies in India. He is a stalwart who comes with over two decades of experience in the Cards and Payments Industry. Known for his knowledge and expertise in the payments’ sector, Hemant has always remained instrumental in scaling up businesses and bringing industry-first products. Hemant not only scaled ICICI bank’s payment gateway business and helped it to become the largest player in the market but also hacked growth for CitrusPay to become a key player in the market. He co-founded EnKash out of his experience that most innovations in the last one and a half decade happened on the consumer payments side but B2B payments and solutions lacked value creation. EnKash, the Fintech pioneer, has evolved to serve the whole Cards and Payments industry today. As evidence of India’s growing competence, the country worldwide has emerged at the forefront of the fintech industry, promoting innovation and growth.

Lokesh Nigam-Transforming Organizations through Strategic Consulting

Lokesh Nigam, the Co-Founder & Director at Kognoz Research & Consulting, brings over two decades of invaluable management consulting experience to the table. His expertise spans Change Management, Employee Experience, Leadership Development, and Digital HR Transformation. His journey exemplifies the power of applying deep expertise to drive innovation and change on a global scale. In his 20 years of management consulting experience, he has worked intensely in Change, Employee Experience, Organization Transformation, Digital HR Transformation and Leadership Development. Lokesh has previously worked with Arvind Mills, KPMG, Eicher Consultancy Services (ECS), PwC, and Aon Hewitt and was co-founder of Adyant Advisory and Kairos Research and Consulting before jointly starting Kognoz. He believes in the simplicity of solutions in complex situations. 

Harsh Gahlaut-Revolutionizing Financial Services

Harsh Gahlaut, the Founder & CEO of FinEdge, has been a driving force behind the unique business model that FinEdge embodies. With over 24 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, Harsh’s journey is a testament to his ability to envision and execute transformative concepts. His passion for reshaping the financial landscape through innovation and strategic leadership showcases the immense potential that lies within the entrepreneurial spirit.

Amit Tyagi-Pioneering Excellence in Fintech Innovation

Amit Tyagi, CEO, Payworld is a seasoned professional with an impressive 12-year journey across India’s financial services landscape. Before taking the helm at Payworld, Amit carved a notable trajectory, leaving his impact across key industry players including Citibank, American Express, Airtel, and TransUnion CIBIL. His indelible mark was particularly prominent during his tenure at Airtel, where he played a pivotal role in launching India’s pioneering payments bank – an endeavor that set new milestones in the financial ecosystem. He holds expertise in Retail Sales, Product Development, Regulatory interface, Business Leadership, Team Management, Enterprise Business Development, and Partnerships. Amit has a deep interest and knowledge of the Indian Fintech landscape, especially the payments world.  

Dhruv Agarwal, Innovating the future of workplaces: Mr. Dhruv Agarwal co-founded Easydesq with Arjun Gulati. He has a passion for Flex office space and always finds ways to help people succeed in real estate affairs through his befitting solutions. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Delhi, and an MBA from the FORE School of Management. Prior to starting Easydesq, he co-founded Doctor Insta, a Telemedicine application, and worked in key roles at CoWrks. Along with his co-founder Arjun, contributed to the region’s growth ensuring healthy occupancy rates of 90%+ at a portfolio level. His role at Easydesq involves striking client relationships, managing the corporate sales team, and investor relations among others.

Let’s commemorate World Entrepreneurs’ Day by paying tribute to these trailblazing businesspeople who, in addition to their extraordinary success, have encouraged us to dream big, take calculated chances, and challenge the status quo. India is a pioneer in the technology industry, with the experiences of innovative leaders serving as role models. These pioneers represent the entrepreneurial spirit, paving the way for a brighter future not only for India but for global technology breakthroughs.