Twitter allows closed caption


Recently, Twitter announced a new update for this application. It is now allowing the option of closed captions for its users. This year, it will release several other updates for its applications. These updates will be available for both iOS and Android users. It is now possible for people to report inappropriate messages and videos.

Twitter now also helps in blocking the inappropriate content for the users by displaying the message that the content can be inappropriate. This step can enhance the user experience.

Such objects are very much required nowadays. It is because people expect social media platforms to be more responsible towards their content. Apart from the entertainment, they should also take care that the content should not hurt the sentiments of the people, as it can result in some dangerous situations.

Currently, social media platforms are facing backlash because of their inappropriate behavior towards their content and the privacy of the users. Recently, Twitter also grabbed news headlines because of its deal with Elon Musk. In such a scenario, some of the fruitful updates are very useful for the company. In the future, many such updates will be released by the company for its mobile application users of both iOS and Android platforms.

The main outcome of these updates will be visible to the general public only after a certain amount of time. Currently, the update is being rolled out and it can take a few days for it to reach every single user.

If the deal with Twitter materializes, then it will be interesting to see how Elon Musk takes forward this social media platform. Today, it is quite popular among middle-aged men for news update purposes. It is used mainly as a quick news update service by the general working class as well as the elderly group who use smartphones.

It has not been able to capture the higher percentage of the younger generation. So, such updates will make it more relevant for the general public as the parents will see it as a more secure and verified service for use by their kids.

There are various other changes on Twitter that are improving the experience for the users like the increase in the maximum number of characters for the users for message. These steps did help the organization in grabbing more users.

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