Two new colours given for the Royal Enfield Classic 350


We could say that Royal Enfield Classic 350 is the most famous bike among its group but now the company has to compete with the other host of another company. Having more customers is the key to the growth of the business so the company introduced two more colors for the classic 350. The company has pointed out that the new classic 350 will be available in Orange Ember and Metallic Siver for a price of Rs 1.83lakh. The company also claims that the new colors will bring the young people together to buy the bike and also will increase their focus on these unique colors.

Under the company’s Make it Yours (MiY) initiative the new colors have been introduced. Royal Enfield claims that the colors will soon be available with all the products that are on offer. This system will help the customers to customize the bikes before making the final decision whether to buy the product or not. The customer can give creative and compatible accessories to make the product more attractive compared to the rest of them. This initiative was launched in October 2020. It is enabled through an app-based 3D configurator. According to the company the app allows the users to access thousands of combinations in personalization choices and the different varieties of colorways, graphics and trims, and also genuine motorcycle accessories. There is a two years warranty for the motorcycle accessories. Once the customer booked the product through the app, they will also get the visibility of the timeline for the delivery of the motorcycle.

The company doing the initiative thinking to increase the sales of the product so that they can grow the business. The new Classic 350 will make a grand entrance to the market since it has attracted many customers including the younger buyer since it portrays the taste for the people. The new Classic 350 has the features of every other bike but also has some additional features. Since there has not been any additional news that has been made public by the company the customer is still anxious to know the product. The different varieties of color also give the customers to take the product which they are comfortable and it also helps to increase the popularity of the company. Thus, Royal Enfield Classic 350 could be the new revolution in the market.     


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