Type Beauty Inc. introduces its expansive range of primers, mindful of skin type, completing the entire “Type Experience”

Type Beauty Inc

New Delhi, December 22th: Type Beauty Inc., driven by ethicality and inclusivity, Type is emerging as a top tier specialist in Safe beauty and Remedial indigenous makeup business. In sync with the idea of a complete routine with Type, the brand now introduces their expansive range of Primers, promising an entire skin care routine from scratch, exclusively with Type Beauty!

After a quick cleansing face wash, this nourishing primer not only equalizes the skin surface for a toned makeup that stays long but also treats your skin just like any skin care product. Type Beauty balances its products to be of skincare and makeup, suitable for all skin types, backed by the science of skin.

Matching Type’s specialty, the edge of the brand is in customizing the product line for their customers. Living up to their brand reputation, their Primer range is no exception! The homegrown brand offers 4 preset ranges of these routines designed to specific skin types, based on subjective skincare routine preferences.

Ananya Kapur comments, “What we create at Type is a makeup brand with a start-to-end makeup routine lineup that contributes and effectively replaces your skincare routine. We give our shoppers the luxury to customize their routine packs based on skin type, fittings as per their preferences. ”

The newly introduced range of primers serve specific skin needs. Calm on, a soothing primer hydrates the skin, fills pores and is best for plump skin. Matte up, another one of the primers in series is focused at balancing skin with a smooth, oil-free finish, for a matte look. Get Even and Overdew are primers which target an even skin tone with an orange and purple corrector, respectively. The primers deliver a skin-brightening and glowy finish, with a natural touch that is especially created for plump skin.

Living up to the trademark, the primers gain an edge given their water base applicability. A primer that penetrates the deepest layers of skin, is bound to gain your favor! Visit www.typebeautyinc.com to discover the ideal product for your skin type, costing Rs.1150, with other incentives. Type Beauty Inc. is here to assist you in embracing your skin type and nourishing it with healthy cosmetics for effective outcomes.