Unchanged repo rate positive for home loan borrowers: Realtors


The unchanged buyback rate can help keep the establishment under the prevailing low-interest rate regime for a while. This works well for home loan borrowers as the affordability atmosphere will persist. In brief, let’s try one thing, here is some news for you.

As expected, the run on Wednesday maintained the status quo on key interest rates in its December financial policy. There was a possibility that the reverse repurchase rate would increase, which did not occur.

Anuj Puri, President of the ANAROCK Group, said: “As the letter of the alphabet casts a shadow of doubt around the world and in India, the race at keeping the buyback rate unchanged at 4% and also the reverse buyback rate of 3.35%.

This was to be expected, and it is the ninth time in a row that the race has remained stable in the current uncertainties. ”The unchanged repurchase rate can make it easier to maintain the status quo in the prevailing low-interest rate regime.

“This works well for all home equity borrowers because the atmosphere of affordability will persist,” Puri told uncertainties due to the letter variant of COVID19  “While RBI keeps an eye on inflation levels, it continues to focus on solid and self-sustaining economic growth to ensure and underlines the importance of political support.

We tend to be optimistic that this strong stance bodes well for home borrowers and the real estate market in Asian countries,” said Anshuman Magazine, President and CEO, India, Southeast Asia, Area Geographic and Africa, CBRE.  Amit Goyal, CEO of India Sotheby’s International Realty, said: “This means that the home loan interest rate can be kept at this level of less than 7% per annum.

His statement said recent cuts in excise duties and state VAT on fuel and diesel support consumer demand by increasing purchasing power.

We tend to assume that demand in the housing market will continue to improve. All eyes are currently on the next budget. Will fuel the vital real estate sector as the government improves mortgage loan deductions in the 2022 budget.

“Trade experts have noted that this accommodating attitude will help demand momentum and stimulate the economic process to mitigate the effects of Covid19. “This will support RBI’s vision of 9.5% GDP growth for the year. At the same time, the expansion will also depend on the new variant of Covid19 and its effects.

This could be the right time to buy your dream home because interest rates are at a record high today the situation may not be the same in the future. RPS Group partner Suren Goel said, “The race to keep interest rates constant means that home equity interest may remain at record lows.

This bodes well for housing or housing or and the real estate sector as a whole. With great prices, lower interest rates, and convenient options to choose from, this may be the easiest time to buy your dream home we hope the offer is popular. “

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