Understanding the importance of having artificial intelligence in your business


Artificial Intelligence (AI) are machines that exhibit human traits like problem-solving and learning.  Decision making by humans is either irrational or rational i.e. based on their own beliefs and thinking’s while in the case of AI decisions are rationalized to achieve the objective of the organization. AI is based on the principal that human skills can be learned and achieved by machines.

              AI comes as a savior for businesses during this pandemic covid19. The covid19 lockdown created chaos around the globe in every sector and in the mind of people.  Companies were shut down and the business experienced a decline in every means. The government issued a complete lockdown which was quiet an unpredictable situation, the business faced.  As they weren’t planned about this shutdown, it affected working and the workforce severely.

         The companies were trying to find a solution for this problem like whom to hire, ways to work from remote locations. That’s when AI comes into play- Artificial intelligence helps in conducting the business without any delay or problems and to achieve organizational objective. The companies were investing in AI for a long time for generating more profits and for adopting more flexible means.

               The role of employees is decreasing due to the advancements in technology. AI can be used as a substitute for employees. The reasons why you should choose AI and virtual assistance in your company is explained below:

Delegation – work can be divided along with AL which increases the efficiency and productivity, AI helps in completion of works with shorter time which provides more leisure time for the employees

  • Flexible- AI can be hired for particular projects only we need, which is more economic. At times when the workforce is deficient AI can be used.
  • Online Presence- AI helps to stay connected with customers. By setting up the chat boxes, social media ads, etc.
  • Economical- Additional charges are not required for AI. They can be used whenever and wherever required they don’t require any sick leave or no issues like stress, workload. 

         The use of AL can help in filling the gap in business by increasing efficiency and bring up many new changes around. The organizations or businesses should also move along with trends as they come up with many benefits. During this covid19 businesses are coming back in full swing with the use of technologies like AI and making up the losses.


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