upGrad and Social Panga join forces for Applied Digital Marketing Learning

upGrad and Social Panga join forces for Applied Digital Marketing Learning
upGrad and Social Panga join forces for Applied Digital Marketing Learning
upGrad, one of Asia’s largest integrated learning, skilling and workforce development majors and Social Panga, the integrated creative and digital marketing agency with offices in Bengaluru, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Dubai, have announced a ground-breaking two-day on-field immersion training for learners coming out of MICA Ahmedabad’s Advanced Digital Marketing and Communications Certification, starting July 2024.
Set to begin in July 2024 with its inaugural Bengaluru cohort, this unique experience will cover cities like Delhi and Mumbai in August and September, respectively. This comes as a first-of-its-kind opportunity offered by India’s skilling major and has been tailored to facilitate invaluable face-to-face interactions with industry experts – offering immediate feedback on their ideas. In terms of workforce expansion, an industry report predicts Marketing to emerge as the top function with a 70% growth rate.
The hands-on approach is prepared to refine learners’ skills and establish a robust foundation for their sustained success in the digital marketing field.
Commenting on the partnership, Himanshu Arora, Co-founder, Social Panga & The Yellow Shutter, “This collaboration is truly exciting, and we are eager to combine academia and industry expertise. As an agency, our commitment to continuous improvement drives us. Through this initiative, we aim to give back to our industry and cultivate future talent. MICA has a history of producing exceptional talent, with some of them now part of our team at Panga. We hope to enhance this collaboration by sharing our extensive industry experience gained from working with top brands”
Apart from gaining exposure and recognition for their problem-solving skills, this training fosters mentorship connections and builds valuable networks, enriching the learning journey for enhanced outcomes. Learners also gain insights into potential career paths and firsthand experience in understanding the corporate culture.
“Experiential learning is witnessing high demand from professionals and freshers alike due to its interactive nature – also allowing them to engage in authentic environments. We have developed a new-age / reverse-engineered pedagogy with MICA Ahmedabad to ensure that the skills learned during the program reciprocate market needs. Therefore, this inclusive add-on will only propel accurate learning and stronger applied training,” said Mayank Kumar, Co-founder & MD, upGrad. In fact, our YoY sign-ups have remained robust as every 10 minutes in FY24, we have observed learners sign up for Digital Marketing programs (free and paid) on our platform – which will continue to soar,” he concluded.
Upon successful completion, learners would receive a joint certificate issued by upGrad and Social Panga, validating their expertise/training in digital marketing and AI.