USA Based FMCG Company Gets HashCash’s Blockchain Aid


The global software company HashCash, which solves the toughest challenges by executing innovative digital transformation strategies for clients across the world is now helping a USA based leading FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) company with its blockchain integration to initiate infrastructural reformations in its manufacturing and supply chain management. HashCash Blockchain products allow companies to move their assets and settle payments for remittances, trade finance, payment processing and more across borders in real-time.

FMCG companies have been working to incorporate the values of DLT to streamline their operations and make manufacturing and supply chain management efficient, seamless and cost-effective as possible as blockchain disruption and adoption speeds up across different sectors globally. The collaboration of the USA based FMCG Company with HashCash is a sign of the growing demand and significance of blockchain implementation within the manufacturing industries like FMCG.

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry needs to include new-age technologies like blockchain to improve its existing operations concerning manufacturing, supply chain and retail eliminating the present time taking governed by opaque processes. HashCash aims to serve them with scalable integration solutions that create a secured ecosystem for more reliable and smarter business. The integral factor for the success and profit generation to FMCG are speed, timeliness, and accuracy. It brings a dependency on other third-party intermediaries for the sourcing of base products and payment processing. The present infrastructure seriously lacks the transparency of product sourcing and production with minimum provisions to track the products and payments through the supply chain. These issues will directly lead to a delay in production as well as delivery causing error in logistics and delays in warehouse management, which impacts the profit margin and the brand image.

Application of Blockchain allows HashCash to make significant changes within the key operational areas of the FMCG Company. HashCash’s blockchain network- Leveraging HC Net offers a more secure platform to execute system integration and facilitate various important operations within the company. The operational architecture of the supply chain gets combined with the blockchain platform, which allows easy tracking of consignment, detection of faulty products and transparency in order deliveries. HashCash also facilitates tracking of the product supply chain to confirm that it has been sourced both ethically and sustainably including information such as origin, processing, batch creation, validity with storage conditions and shipping.


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