Using AI and Block Chain technology to fight against Counterfeits


The rise of counterfeits during the COVID pandemic is increasing on an unprecedented scale. Form fake sites to fake ventilator parts the crisis is very acute.

This is a serious problem as counterfeits can cause a huge problem in the country’s economy and also affect its fight against the pandemic. The spread of fake information can cause mass hysteria and problems for the general population. This can also pose a problem for the activities of the health organization. There were cases of false information being spread so that people take to the streets during the lockdown.

The Use of BlockChain and AI

Block chain technology is used to encrypt data and create a digital trail that can be verified and audited. This will help to reduce the occurrence of fake news. It is predicted that by 2023 the amount of fake news will be reduced to 5% from the present 69% using blockchain technology. This is a large reduction. With the use of blockchain technology, authentic news can be verified and protected from tampering. Blockchain can also be used to authenticate information sites like Wikipedia with the help of AI. Once the authentic news is verified using blockchain technology the data can be then fed into an AI algorithm which is then used to find fake news and alert it to the necessary organizations. This will reduce the time required to take down fake news significantly and also help it to become more thorough and significant.

Validating the Authentic Information

With the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence to determine fake news from the real news already are being done, the use of these technologies to create a database for this news for future reference can also be done. Now we can use previous information to find fake news. How can this prevent real news but not in the database from being authenticated? This is where artificial intelligence is used. By training artificial intelligence to compare multiple sources of information and also certain key points in validating new information then the problem can be solved effectively.


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