Vanesa Beauty kicks off a brand-new campaign with Kareena Kapoor Khan


Vanesa Beauty along with Kareena have collaborated to celebrate the beauty and strength of women for several years. This campaign set’s out to celebrate confidence and style by adding to its key of ‘vanity’.

The television and digital campaigns feature Kareena Kapoor Khan and are also planning to hit on various platforms soon.

In Greek, Vanesa stands for ‘butterfly’. To the common mind, a butterfly can be just an elegant beauty fluttering its exuberant wings, but to the clever mind, it is a creature that has withstood the intense pain of time and nature to grow its wings and morph into what it is today. That unconquerable resilience is what a woman is, and Vanesa Beauty celebrates that.

“We strongly believe there is an essential to every woman that goes beyond what eyes can see. Kareena has beauty with a relentless determination that has withstood the test of time, to prove her mettle year after year. She has been ruling hearts for decades with her persona, hence making her the obvious choice as the face of Vanesa”, says Saurabh Gupta, MD, and Chairman of Vanesa Care Pvt. Ltd.

“The idea conveyed in the ad is so subtle yet so strong that’s where lies its power, if you get it, it’s glorious. Just like a woman if you understand her all you will ever see is her beauty,” says the diva Kareena in the brand commercial.Vanesa Care Pvt. Ltd. Is it a prominent name is in FMCG/Personal care space in India and abroad.

Over decades, Vanesa Care has created a niche by launching India’s leading brands such as Denver, Envy, Vanesa, and pourHome in its portfolio. Known for its quality of products, innovation, and consistency, it has become a prominent name in all households.

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