Victoria’s Secret launches its e-commerce site in India


Victoria’s Secret, the intimate wear retailer, officially launched its online store in India on November 22, 2021. The e-store,, caters to the beauty demands, desires, and necessities of Indian women.

This global beauty brand joined hands with the franchisee retailer Major Brands (India) Pvt. Ltd. to start its online business in India.

Victoria’s Secret accommodates its online store with modern, fashion-inspired, and award-winning fragrances. It offers a diverse and premium range of scents, PINK and Victoria’s Secret beauty products, Mist Collections, and Beauty body cares.

Even though Victoria’s Secret, a descendent of L Brands, Inc., opened its store near Delhi airport seven years back in 2014. 

Its products were limited to just fragrances and beauty. It was the main reason that led to the closure of the company in 2020.

Victoria’s Secret formerly was part of L Brands, Inc. In August 2021, Victoria’s Secret business detached from L Brands, Inc. Thus, the former became an independent company.

Victoria’s Secret expanded its frontiers to different parts of the world. It presently has 1,400 retail stores worldwide and is also listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

The three main features that make Victoria’s Secret distinct from other beauty retailer shops are – its high visibility marketing & branding, its unique & popular catalog, and its exclusive annual fashion show. 

This beauty retail store offers you the fashion you love. Its premium accessory collection sets before you a long list of choices that adorns one to be graceful, elegant, and confident.

Victoria’s Secret launched its PINK Beauty Collections uniquely designed to cater to the needs of teenagers.

The PINK collection includes PINK Body Care, PINK Beauty Candles, PINK Mists & Scented lotions, etc.

This California-based leading fragrance brand has epic and prestigious scents like Bombshell, Tease, and Heavenly.

It presents a collection of iconic original fragrances in new limited edition bottles, perfect for every beauty lover. It includes perfumes, fragrance mist, fragrance lotions, etc.

One of Victoria’s Secret’s exclusive fragrance collections is Tease Eau de Parfum. This floral-fruity fragrance is awe-inspiring, feminine, and playful. Its ingredients include notes of White Gardenia, Anjou Pear, and Black Vanilla.

The Mist Collection of Victoria’s online store offers customers – body mists, body lotions, washes & smooth scrubs.

Victoria’s Secret serves customers with classic fashion. It offers iconic fabric that renews one with feelings of luxury, nostalgia, and comfort.

It also presents its customers with a collection of outfits for every occasion that brings one ultimate coziness, frosty fun, or anything between them.

Victoria’s Secret has summer plans in India. Collaborating with its local franchisee retailer Major Brands (India) Pvt. Ltd., the intimate retailer brand plans to start a full brick and mortar store this coming summer 2022 in Delhi and Mumbai.

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