Want to sell your used mobile phone? Flipkart has a solution


According to an IDC survey, about 125 million used phones are seen in India every year, of which only 20 million return to the market.

Flipkart: Looking to sell used mobile phones? Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart has announced a sell-back program that will enable users to sell used mobile phones Easily and Reliably. Instead, they will receive a Flipkart electronic gift voucher for a reasonable buy-back value, the e-commerce platform said in a statement.

In addition, the program will be available on all phones, regardless of whether it is purchased from Flipkart or not and will be expanding to a few additional categories throughout the year.

The move comes after the Flipkart Group acquired Yaantra, a Company that deals in electronic commerce. The machine aims to provide users with upgraded smartphones at affordable prices, and its functionality depends on the number of used phones returning to the market.

Therefore, the program, which is currently spreading over 1,700 zip codes, is part of Flipkart’s effort for a circular economy, the company’s statement added.

How to use Flipkart’s Sell back program

To take advantage of the opportunity offered by Flipkart’s sell-back program, customers can visit the Flipkart app and select “sell back” from the bottom bar. They need to answer three questions to evaluate the reasonable value of the phone used and then confirm whether they want to proceed with the process at the appraised value.

Once they have verified, the phone will be picked up from the customer’s home by a Flipkart executive within 48 hours, After verifying the device’s condition and customer information and giving them a voucher for Flipkart’s confirmed sales value. 

According to an IDC survey, about 125 million used phones are seen in India every year, of which only 20 million return to the market. This leads to the creation of e-waste without any solution.

One side of the program solves this problem, The other side is the functionality of the machine. However, the third important aspect is that the cell back value is given to the user in the form of a Flipkart gift voucher, which can only be redeemed on Flipkart.

This means an increase in the number of customers for the platform, which is always facing stiff competition from multinational Amazon.

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