WaveMaker with its New AI-Driven Planning Tool Maximize


WaveMaker, the second-largest media agency network in the world launches AI-powered planning tool Maximize that allows end-to-end planning for the fragmented target audiences. This new AI-powered media planning platform can help media planners to create media plans, to reach multiple audiences, and also to optimize their media investments in minutes. Maximize allows the planners to deliver on the Industry-wide vision planning against individuals in preference to audience segments. The tool enables them for planning at a granular level and thus to simultaneously explore multiple audiences over various attributes. It can save a great deal of time by assessing the best media partners for creating an optimized campaign across various channels and markets. Powered by AI and machine learning, this platform collects and analyses data from both the local and global sources, including the client first party data, GroupM’s Live Panel, and Wavemaker’s Momentum data. It is also an active partner of Wavemaker’s global Provocative Planning, which is a modular system that combines both machine learning and human intelligence. Maximize addresses the industry’s long-standing vexation, the alikeness in media plans. Maximize can produce effective media plans at incredible speed and that has the brainpower to generate a market-beating plan for the clients using AI and its preloaded data sources. It is already showing sensational outcomes by providing media plans for the clients that are on average 30 percent more effective for them and in pitches. The number of audience segments that are needed to be included in the campaigns is increasing, thus creating hurdles in the path of media planners, in their job of creating media plans. The significant overlap of media plans can happen with people belonging to multiple audience segments leading them to the risk of being overexposed to certain ads. This will further cause unnecessary wastage of money for the clients. Maximize is the only answer for effectively solving the audience fragmentation problem. Maximize’s unique techniques and technologies help to attain the pinnacle position in the marketing industry.

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