What describes the gossip throughout Gujrati ott platforms


From world premieres of high-budget films to content offerings in regional languages ​​- if the past year has brought anything good, it is a rapid upgrade of the OTT platform. The platform offers a wide variety of content in different genres and languages. Global players like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and local OTT players like SonyLIV, Disney+ Hotstar, and VOOT have expanded their regional content.

Multiple independent videos on demand (VoD) the service has also joined a local language audience ready to explore their native language content. Jehiel Thakkar, the partner at Deloitte India, points out that television started with a more Hindi presence and then segmented with the introduction of several regional channels. However, they were behind consolidated to become part of a broad network. We see a similar cycle in OTT audio and video. The regional market is huge when you look at it globally, with Gujarat having a population of around 50-60 million.

Segmentation has started and Gujarat, which has a short history of mass cinema or television, has many digital VoD platforms. The state’s first five channels are all Hindi General Entertainment Channels (HGEC). Most of the Gujarati shows that Gujarati colors and other similar channels are transmitted in Mumbai. Therefore, VOD is likely the first massive attempt to tell local stories with local flair. Three players offer Gujarati content. ShemarooMe, sponsored by Gates, has announced that they will now create and distribute Gujarati content.

Gujarat is giving players an untapped opportunity. Thakkar says they see a diaspora. Persecution – Gujarati is spoken by more than 55 million people worldwide and is the sixth most common language in India.Pallav Parikh, co-founder of CityShor.TV, an entertainment platform that curates and produces web series, films, and original short films from Gujarati: “Any player entering this industry should always create an original. Not so with other languages, where a wide variety of content is readily available.

It is a challenge for new players to enter this domain. “In articles of content method, the plan guarantees its subscribers at least individual original, movie, or web series. Parikh said the platform aims to introduce viewers to a new generation of content in various genres”. ShemarooMe is an essential piece of fun in Gujarati and has been involving with fans for more than 15 years. To expand the language content. ShemarooMe Gujarati was Start in April 2021.

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