What’s the Good Glamm Group’s global gameplan?


Asad Raza Khan has approximately fifteen years of experience working for Procter & Gamble, nearly ten of which were spent as CEO of The Art of Shaving, a company that sells men’s skincare products and shaving equipment.

As The Good Glamm Group’s first-ever global commercial officer, he is now back at first base. With a variety of beauty, content, and commerce brands under its belt, it is a prominent D2C unicorn in India. Khan will spearhead the organization’s aspirations to become a household name. MyGlamm, The Moms Co., Sirona, Scoop Whoop, MissMalini, and Vidooly are a few of the brands owned by The Good Glamm Group.

“You reach a comfort zone when you work for one company for a long time. One of the three factors that motivated Khan to join The Good Glamm Group was his experience working across several places. He said that the group’s attempts to unite the entire ecosystem of content creators, retailers, and consumers are “unique in today’s world.” Last but not least is Darpan Sanghvi, founder of The Good Glamm Group, who, according to Khan, wants to spearhead the company’s deliberate push as a growth engine.

1. Middle East’s subcontinent leverage: Given that a sizable diaspora from the subcontinent calls it home, one would suppose that the Middle East is the group’s first choice. This image is not the exact one. One of the most popular strategies for reaching a region’s consumers is localization. Khan will face competition from not only established rivals but also a society that values luxury consumption more than India does.

2. Middle East’s love for offline; Shiny shopping malls and extravagant experience centers are some of the Middle East’s sparkling features. According to Khan, 90 percent of business in the area is still conducted offline, although online sales are expanding quickly. He claims that the offline markets can be divided into three categories: experiential stores, pharmacies, and hypermarkets. Traditional trade is not as significant in the Middle East as it is in India, but modern trade is.

3. Limited reach of the group’s creator and media; The organization is more than just a holding company for cosmetics companies. Additionally, it features a media and creator wing. The three wings are supposed to cooperate. Scoop Whoop and MissMalini, for example, have excellent reach in India. However, they only have a little presence in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Khan responds, “Actually, the reach is very effective. The spill over effect in Southeast Asia is “phenomenal,” “crazy” in Nepal, and “very high” in the UAE, according to an examination of the content and creator divisions.

4. TikTok once again?  Khan did mention that TikTok, which is the second-most popular app in the UAE, would be a part of the group’s plan.

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