When the internet called ‘Karan Badtameez’..


05th June 2023, Mumbai,: The internet was set ablaze over the weekend as netizens started dubbing all ‘Karans’ as Badtameez. Confusion spread like wildfire among ‘Karans’ worldwide, leaving them wondering what they had done to earn this quirky title. 

The mischief started when the popular television actress Ridhi Dogra, shared a captivating image on her Instagram with the caption “Karan Badtameez Hai.” Little did she know that this playful post would ignite a viral trend that swept across online creators and meme pages.


The viral trend gained further momentum when popular TV personalities like Karan Singh Bora, Karan Wahi and more too enthusiastically joined the conversation, further amplifying the ‘Badtameez Dil’ trend making their fans go crazy. So much so that a person named Karan who randomly tweeted saying that he has been getting alot of  DMs saying, you are badtameez.. 


After Ridhi Dogra’s post on Instagram, Barum Sopti, who also portrays the lead character along with the former in Amazon miniTV’s highly anticipated show, Badtameez Dil, took the audience to YouTube to watch the trailer of the show. This is when the netizens figured what the whole anticipation was about. 

The innovative approach of Amazon miniTV’s marketing campaign, coupled with the enthusiastic participation of digital creators, has successfully generated significant buzz for the upcoming show. This made ‘Karan Badtameez Hai’ take the trending spot over the weekend too. As the excitement continues to build, fans and viewers eagerly await the premiere of Badtameez Dil, eagerly anticipating the unique and entertaining content it promises to deliver.