With the onset of summer, Bombay Shaving Company Introduces a ‘Magical’ Hair Removal Spray for Men that Instantly removes Body Hair in less than 8 mins

BSC Hair Removal Spray
With the onset of summer, Bombay Shaving Company Introduces a 'Magical' Hair Removal Spray for Men that Instantly removes Body Hair in less than 8 mins

National | March 14, 2023: Bombay Shaving Company, renowned for their consumer-focussed innovation and product development, especially in men’s personal hygiene and hair removal, has introduced a ‘Magical’ Hair Removal Spray, that outperforms any other tool or solution out there in the market presently. This unique DIY spray makes the cumbersome and painstaking process of men’s body hair removal effortless and instant – removing hair in less than 8 mins. Promising a 100% Clean, 0% Effort experience.

Typically, the personal care category has seen innovation and experimentation skewed towards women; but with personal care for men growing upwards of 10% CAGR, Bombay Shaving Company, with its expertise and focus, seems wonderfully poised to make the most of this growing interest amongst men for products that lie at the intersection of personal hygiene and ‘enhancing self-image’.

Made with the new lifestyle & aspirations of the young Indian male in mind, the product will do wonders for gym goers, those actively dating, athletes, models, and all those guys looking to up their personal hygiene and grooming game, especially with the onset of the summer months.

“The young Indian male is curious to know more about better hair removal options. The more we look at data, the more we’re convinced that there’s a totally new Indian man out there, involved and committed to raising their personal hygiene and grooming game. A quick look at queries across search engines is proof enough. They’re asking for better – more convenient, more pleasing experiences. They want to know more about how they can improve their persona and personality. As a brand committed towards creating better hair removal experiences through consumer focussed innovations, we feel this product fits the bill in every aspect, and we are looking forward to growing and leading this category and helping men make better grooming choices”, said, Deepak Gupta, Co-Founder and COO, Bombay Shaving Company.

The Bombay Shaving Company Hair Removal Spray smells great, has pleasing texture and form, and is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like, Charcoal and Aloe Vera. The product has been specially formulated keeping Indian conditions, climate, and hair types in mind. It also comes with a helpful spatula for neat hair removal after application.

The product has been launched at an attractive and accessible price across leading ecommerce channels, bombayshavingcompany.com and strategically placed in retail stores and gyms in key geographies, with a special emphasis on the North and Northwest regions of the country. It will be supported with informative and demonstration-oriented marketing efforts across touchpoints. The brand is bringing on A-list influencers, creating education material, demonstrating usage in the most meaningful places, and investing significantly on knowledge creation and thought leadership – something BSC has taken a lead on, always.