Yami Gautam for Hand in Hand Products: Vanesa Care


Vanesa care is a well-known Private Ltd manufacturing company that deals with FMCG brands like Perfumes, Cosmetics. Toiletries, Aerosols, and home care products. During this pandemic, the company is featuring the Bollywood beauty and style icon Yami Gautam as the brand ambassador of its “Hand in Hand” health and hygiene products range.

As the current market is now available for a lot of Health care products, featuring Yami Gautam as the brand ambassador of hand in hand products is to gain brand awareness and consumer trust. The huge fan base will surely help the organization to increase its sales among hygiene enthusiasts through promotion, advertising, and marketing.

“The Hand in Hand products are need of the hour as they protect against various germs. This product range has become my perfect vanity and can’t think of stepping out without Hand in Hand. As the times are really tough, we need to ensure our wellness and peace of mind, so let’s be Hand in Hand to fight against the challenging times,” Yami Gautam said.

The hand sanitizer and instants hand cleanser help to kill 99.99% germs which are causing infectious diseases. The sanitizers and cleaners include 70% alcohol as per WHO standards and moisturizing properties backed by aloe vera extracts which will help to seal the moisture into the skin. The 70% alcohol content in the hand sanitizers is very much useful during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The company is making it clear that the production of “Hand in Hand” hand sanitizers will surely help the public to meet the shortage of hygiene-based products and helps them to prevent the rapid spread of diseases. The new hygiene products have comes in 3 categories, Rs 250 for 500ml, Rs 125 for 250ml, Rs 50 for 100ml.

The Director Saurabh Gupta in an interview said, “Sensing the huge gap in demand and supply of hand sanitizer which has put the population at risk, we have introduced “Hand In Hand” hand sanitizer and instant hand cleanser which will act as a  protection against infectious germs. In this critical time when the healthcare systems across the world have been overwhelmed by a coronavirus, it is essential to maintain proper hand hygiene to prevent the transmission of infection and this sanitizer causes you to stay protected even on the go that too without using soap and water.”


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