Young entrepreneurs shaking up the EV startup ecosystem in 2023

Young entrepreneurs
Young entrepreneurs shaking up the EV startup ecosystem in 2023
  1. Rajib Gangopadhyay, EMotorad

Rajib is the MD and founder of EMotorad, a Pune based EV manufacturing startup. He is a  visionary contributor to the mobility segment and empowers people with an affordable way to commute! Introduced EMotorad for India. Electrifying affordable way of commuting. Rajib’s journey with EVs started when he was working with ONN bikes, a self-drive bike rental platform. Rajib is a master of many trades. Before his tryst with the mobility industry and sales trade, Rajib established three thriving caching centres in the heart of Bangalore, amongst the many ventures he has taken to great heights. When the world was shutting down as the pandemic struck, Rajib decided to start EMotorad from the ground up. Rajib is someone who believes in building a business rooted in community. He wants to build EMotorad into a global name in the EV industry that empowers everyone associated with it. With his revolutionary thinking and the team he has built, EMotorad is bound to ride to unparalleled heights of growth and success.

2. Dev Arora, ALT Mobility

Dev Arora, co-founder, and CEO of Delhi-based EB leasing and financing firm ALT Mobility. Dev is building a commercial electric vehicle leasing platform transitioning India’s logistic fleets to clean mobility. Dev is the brain behind building a commercial electric vehicle leasing platform, transitioning India’s logistic fleets to clean mobility. He is a young passionate entrepreneur who is going after a completely different approach to easing India’s EV adoption through the leasing of commercial Vehicles. Presently, Dev spearheads the business as Co-founder and CEO. His acute business acumen and leadership skills have helped him build an ecosystem for logistic companies, commercial EV OEMs, charge point operators, and service networks to create a single interface for fleet electrification. 

3. Bhavish Agarwal, OLA Electric

Bhavish Agarwal is the CEO and co-founder of OLA Electric. The idea for a cab company struck        Aggarwal when he had a bad experience with a taxi, which led him and Ankit Bhati to co-found Ola Cabs in 2010. Ola Cabs has become the largest network of personal transportation options within India and has emerged as the most popular choice for many consumers in 22 Indian cities.

4. Aditya Munjal, Hero Lectro 

Aditya Munjal is the CEO of Hero Lectro, the market leader in the e-cycle category in India. He is the son of Pankaj Munjal and the grandson of Om Prakash Munjal of the Hero Group. Hero Lectro started as a pilot project in Punjab, and two years later—using Hero Cycles’ existing network of dealers—expanded to 100 brick-and-mortar stores. Today, its products are available in more than 600 dealerships in addition to its website and some e-commerce partners. 


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