Your Daily Dose of Nutrition: Yours Truly Brings Forth Flavourful and Immunity Boosting Gummy Bears


A flavourful dose of daily nutrition, Yours Truly is an aspiring brand in the nutraceutical industry to come up with immunity-boosting gummy bears that aim to provide its patrons with well-being exceeding the bounds of nutrition. Created with the golden spice: Turmeric, the vitamins are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and enriched with antioxidants. The gummy bears are patented with PNS technology, adorning unmatched bioavailability and bio efficiency. A mass product with no side effects, these unique gummies are befitting for the entire family. The brand was founded by Sumit Jain, M. Sc. from the UK with an ardent passion for Healthcare Sector and Mohit Jain: digital marketing and e-commerce expert and entrepreneurial graduate from Canada. Playing to their strengths, the duo realised a need for an easily accessible and desirable nutrition supplement in the market.

With the country in the midst of adversity and supplements becoming a way of life, the two worked closely together creating an enriching gummy bear carrying the unparalleled properties of Haldi, a well-known anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and a 360*body functioning superfood. Yours Truly perfectly fulfils the needs of your body in a delectable mango flavour and satiates the craving for the fruit in a beneficial way all year round. Speaking about the launch, Founder Sumit Jain said “The current generation needs to be catered to with the modern avatar of ingredients that are healthy and fulfil the nutritional needs of the body.” Co-Founder Mr Mohit Jain further added “After considering the current Covid situation around the world, the proven benefits of Haldi led us to create a product that can help consumers build a healthy lifestyle.” The name Yours Truly strives to establish itself as a nutrition brand that is caring and committed with a sense of warmth and positivity while also keeping things simple yet effective.

The brand seeks to appeal to consumers like one of their own. The importance of superfoods cannot be stressed enough in the modern world. Embedded deep in our culture lies a rich heritage of spices, carrying properties known to cure diseases globally. Giving a new avatar to age-old ingredients increases the acceptability of the product, making it an exciting and unique experience for all. The mere accessibility, taste, convenience and fun factor of the gummies dosage have garnered huge appreciation amongst children and adults worldwide. In the next 2-3 years, the brand sees itself focusing on ongoing health issues and curating delicious and high-quality products based on the need of the hour. Yours Truly also aims to expand its wings, by venturing into the personal care and wellness sector. All their products are manufactured in USFDA registered facilities with no direct human contact and approved by GMP, FSSAI, HACCP, ISO 22000 & FDA. Yours Truly Gummies are available at and
Make healthy lifestyle a habit with Yours Truly Immunity Boosting Gummy Bears!


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