ZOOM CMO clarifies the reliability, acceptability, and stand of the company


We know that the coronavirus has destructed many businesses. It pushed many of them into the path of collapse. But, some of them are making profits by utilizing this situation. The zoom is one among them. Even at the time of the collapse of giant corporates, zoom, the video chat app, is continuously making profits. The zoom is not only used by corporates but also used by education institutions for conducting meetings among them. It can be useful at any place, whether it is home, office, hospital, etc. Another important thing is, it was used very effectively at the time of lockdown.

The company’s global CMOJanine Pelosi said that she didn’t need to spend as much time making sure people understand what the Zoom is. In December, zoom had daily meeting participants around 10 million. But after four months, the number soared to 300 million. The reason is consumers during lockdown found themselves relying on the product for work, education, fitness, happy hours, and just connecting with family and friends. Another important thing is, a huge shift has happened from its pre-pandemic business model that was more focused on businesses. Before the pandemic, the zoom application was concentrating on enterprise communications and helping large companies using its services for video, phone, or conferencing needs. But now, it is being used for almost all purposes.

Zoom’s marketing team has been writing blogs to help people understand how to use the tool and working with the company’s product teams to make sure the right default settings are in place for all new use case and also included how to securely host a virtual board meeting and best practices for securing virtual classrooms.

The pandemic has also forced Zoom’s marketing team to pick up the pace. Before the initiatives would have been measured in quarters, months, or weeks but now it is changed, shifted into hours or days. She also mentioned that zoom is a transparent company where the customers can see each other.


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