Zypp launches ‘Zypp Chalao, Paise aur Pollution Bachao’ campaign


Electric, India’s largest EV-as-a-service platform that understands the woes of Indian gig workers and strives to address them, has announced the launch of its first-ever ad campaign, Zypp Chalao, on the occasion of its fifth inception day. , paise aur pollution bachao.

The campaign, a satirical approach to portraying the difference between an ICE delivery vehicle and one that has partnered with Zypp, creates awareness among executives to make Zypp Electric a comparably more profitable and environmentally friendly delivery partner of choice.

The video ad begins with an introduction of Sujay and Vijay, an ICE vehicle operator and a Zipp delivery manager, and elaborates on the monthly cash commitments that include fuel expenses that run up to Rs. 300/month, car installments, and other EMIs of ICE vehicles when compared to delivery leader Zypp who has negligible investment and higher earnings. The spot draws attention to making Zypp Electric the solution and preferred logistics partner for new gig workers who can earn up to Rs. 30,000/month while helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Commenting on the campaign release, Akash Gupta, Co-Founder, and CEO of Zipp Electric said, “India’s e-commerce industry is growing at an exponential rate and to support the segment we need gig workers partners who will act as a pillar of the growing industry.

This is only possible if we as an industry start thinking for gig workers first and start with flooring solutions that benefit them just as much. This is exactly what we are trying to address in our first ever campaign, which also commemorates our 5th day of establishment, and we reiterate that Zypp Electric is the solution that allows managers to earn more and upgrade to a more comfortable lifestyle, because the maintenance of the Vehicle is less pocket-friendly, hassle-free and fast, making us a favorite partner for both executives and companies.”

Zipp Chalco, paise our pollution bacha marks one of the first marketing campaigns that targeted gig workers in the country. The campaign has been conceptualized and directed and will be published and launched across social media and digital channels. Zipp Electric currently has a fleet of over 6,000 e-scooters and plans to deploy over 1.5 lakh e-scooters by 2025 due to growing demand.

In less than five years, the company has established itself as a partner for everything. last mile logistics, working with leading industry companies to realize sustainable and cost-effective deliveries.

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