Challenging the Corporate world’s perception: The all-new advertisement campaign from UpGrad


UpGrad is an online platform for higher education that offers rigorous industrial programs developed and delivers in cooperation with internationally recognized professors and the industry. Through the convergence of cutting-edge technologies, knowledge, and operation, UpGrad provides an interactive learning environment – anywhere and anywhere.

UpGrad announced the launch of its new social media camp ‘Sirf Naam Ki Nahin, the Kaam Ki degree’. The Marketing campaign shows a donkey, withdrawing from the societal perspective that everybody needs to scale the ladder in the corporate environment and prefers a variety number of directions to move ahead. The ad campaign was shot in Estonia. This development of this humorous content was done by a creative agency known as “The Womb”, it has directed by Mr. Shashaka Chaturvedi (a notable member of Good Morning Films).

Arjun Mohan, CEO India, UpGrad, has said the term ‘degree’ as the meaning of graduation has enthusiastic and utilitarian significance for all social and economic levels. The idea of the program pulls in the subliminal quality of talented workers and their needs preparing. The crusade is focused on ‘genuine’ working experts. Mohan stated, “We ‘re not giving transient classes, for example, two and three weeks since it is anything but a supernatural occurrence and it requires some investment to ace a specific content”.

The campaign was triggered by a huge effort to build up skills when enterprises rationalize employees. There are dozens of upskilling choices, conflicts occur if they are generic, out of date and not availed from institutions which are not credible or appreciated by employers ultimately.’ Thus “Sirf naam nahin, the kaam ki degree“, was born. “Therefore, it was imperative for us to use our strength to displace other educational actors and to build a point of differentiation that cannot be challenged”, explains by Arjun Mohan (CEO)

Past advertisements of the organization – “Raho Ambitious” and “Aage ki Soch” communicated working proficient’s assumptions. “In times of change, the corporate got to the heart of the matter of view that people don’t need assurance and inspiration. What individuals won’t have been a strategy for satisfying and getting it. In this manner, a brand that just guarantees fuel assurance doesn’t satisfy a particular objective of their life, since it will no longer have a cure that they urgently require now.


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