10 Online Resources for Learning Creative Skills


Being creative is one thing, but giving direction to your creativity is another thing. You can be good at music, photography (I mean, who does not know how to click a picture!), painting, cooking, dancing, crafts making, etc but the question is do you know all the tricks of the trade? Well, if you wish to brush up your skills in any creative field, then there are online learning platforms that can help you with it. We have compiled a list of 10 online stores that can give a boost to the creative side of you!


edX is an online learning centre that works almost as a brick-and-motor school. This is so because you will find all kinds of courses on Art & Culture, music, and design but with a pre-defined start and end time. If you wish to enroll yourself in any course, then you will need to follow the timeline set by edX. Right from learning ‘American series poetry’ from Harvard University to jazz appreciation from the University of Austin, you get it all at this online platform. The cherry on the cake is that most of the courses listed on this platform are free!


Udemy is a global learning platform that connects some of the best instructors (belonging to an array of creative fields) to people who want to learn a new art form. There are more than 155k courses available on this platform. If you are interested in taking up a course on music, photography, and design, then you need to check out the range of courses available in all these creative fields. Let us say that you are interested in music, so right from going for a fundamental course on music to knowing about music software, you can do it all at Udemy.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is one online store that is gaining acceptance because it provides a range of courses even on some very niche creative fields like video editing, motion graphics, colour correction in photography, and page layout in designing. You can pay upfront for the course you want to enroll in and start your online learning course. You can test the caliber of instructors present on LinkedIn Learning by starting with your one-month free trial period.


This online creative learning platform was founded in the year 2009 to give a fresh approach to creative learning. On this platform, you will find courses only related to various creative fields such as photo & video, money & life, art & design, craft & maker, and music & audio. This is one of those rare online platforms where you can get a detailed & structured course on niches like hand lettering, stamping making, quilting, cake floral designs, etc.


If you are interested in courses like fine arts, creative writing, illustrations, and animation, then you should join the required course at Skillshare. This online learning platform features some of the best instructors for every course listed on the platform. On this platform, you learn by participating in real-life projects; not only that, but you also get the support of fellow creatives that are registered with Skillshare.  Also, use Skillshare promo codes and discount coupons to get huge deductions on membership plans.


This online learning platform has a unique approach to imparting knowledge. At first, this store will ask you about your interest (sports, music, dance, humanities, food, etc). Then it will create your account and will send you mind-workouts every day in your mails or mobile. You can commit your 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes (as per your commitment level to learning) to your particular area of interest and increase your curious quotient. With ‘Curious’, you can learn interesting facts, watch fascinating conversations, watch small-sized videos and enroll in a detailed course, on a given topic.


If you are committed to in-depth learning of a particular topic, then you should go for a creative course listed with FutureLearn. At this platform, you can take up an in-depth course on subjects like fashion, writing, and digital media. Let us say you are interested in fashion. Here you have two options; you can either go for 11 weeks certification course & learn about fashion in-depth or you can also go for short online courses. Some known schools and colleges like London College of Fashion and University of Leeds impart short online courses.

Envato Tuts+

All the self-motivated learners who want to focus on knowing the start-to-end of a particular topic can access course videos featured at Envato Tuts+. You can take up courses related to videos, web designing, game development, photography, etc. On this platform, you will get detailed step-by-step instructions on any topic and a video explaining various concepts of that topic. They divide all the course material into chapters and small learning lessons. You can also have access to over one million creative assets by going for a monthly subscription to this online learning platform.


Are you interested in learning some quirky stuff that you do not see on other platforms? With quirky stuff, I mean learning to make a leather cat purse and leather Yo-Yo necklace! Yes, Instructables is filled with such small learning bits which you can access on the go. If you are interested in learning some great recipes, then you should check out the ‘Cooking’ section listed at Instructables.

Adobe Creative Cloud

This online learning platform is only for people who want to acquaint themselves with the working of Adobe Photoshop and create illustrations, vectors, etc. You can go through bite-sized videos on the basics of Photoshop and then check out the experienced section.


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