100 Pipers launches campaign to promote ‘Legacy Project’


The second chapter of the ‘Legacy project’ has been launched by Seagram’s 100 Pipers. It is an initiative that their main goal is to support Indian art forms and artist communities. The new series of limited edition this year packs shows the textile tradition of India like Kalamkari, Gara embroidery, Phulkari, handloom, and Maheshwari Weaves through vibrant different and creative on the package. They have also decided to launch a robust campaign so that they can increase their reach of innovation.

Chief marketing officer of Pernod Richard of India Karthik Mahindra commented that the platform in which artist from different ends of India where they can showcase their art to the world is the 100 Pipers Legacy Project. It has been added that this initiative has been brought up from the very philosophy of the brand and their main aim in 2020 is to protect and project the weaves that they made and the textile handwork of their country. After the damage caused by COVID-19, we could say this could be a new approach in India like people focusing on art rather than digital marketing. This shows that art is also important for the fundamental part of enjoying the life of people. This could be a great change of scenery from this pandemic period. The art made by the talented artist is also planning to sell at a high price.

The campaign started to introduce innovative ideas that portray the creative mindset of the company. They are trying to remind the people of the importance of art and of course to introduce the arts to the youngsters who never shown any interest. The project introduces the six art forms and touches in with talented local artists from these art communities to introduce a reflection of ‘goodness’ which they believe it to be. Seagram’s 100 Pipers Limited Edition Pack for 2019 has adorned these six unique designs. The six art forms which they touche are Bhil, Pattua, Panchedi, Gond, Cheriyal, and Kalighat. These multiple designs show us the man’s relationship with nature, a marriage without hierarchy, equal treatment and collaboration between men and women, the importance of protecting the water bodies, the essence of keeping the balance between animals and the earth and protecting the trees that are a symbol of life.      


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