Nestlé MAGGI Launches New Campaign For Its New Flavors


MAGGI, an international brand of seasonings, instant soups, and noodles which was originated in Switzerland, was acquired by Nestlé in 1947. In India, the brand journey was started from everyone’s favorite MAGGI 2-Minute Masala Noodles which was fortified with iron that would provide its consumers with 15% of daily iron requirement. Nestlé is one of the most popular brands of instant soups and noodles in India. For Indians, Maggi is liquid gold and is curry-flavored magic.

Nestlé India had recently launched an interesting and enticing campaign in which MAGGI loving consumers would get a chance to vote for their favorite flavor. This campaign comes at the backdrop of the introduction of its new noodles range which has been aspired by some of the most favored ingredients, which offers all-time loved masala taste in three variants (Chatpata Tomato, Yummy Capsica, and Desi Cheesy).

These new variants by MAGGI offer a rotation to the ever-enjoyable and satisfying flavor profile yet manages to fire up the innate and natural sense of familiarity among the audiences that MAGGI has developed through its years of experience. The campaign had become even more exciting when it is coupled with this chance to vote for the flavor of your like, making the entire experience inclusive, energizing as well as invigorating.

Commenting on this brand new campaign and on the addition to the MAGGI portfolio, Nikhil Chand (Director- Foods and Confectionery, Nestlé India) said that since its launch, MAGGI had not only won millions of hearts but had also managed to become an integral part of the daily lives of the consumers.

Nikhil Chand further added that MAGGI was thrilled to launch this special campaign where consumers (especially millennials) are allowed to vote as per their particular taste and preference, from across these recently launched flavors. The initial response was seen on the brand’s official website ( through the online voting had already been great.

Thus, MAGGI urges everyone to enjoy its new variants of flavors and to rate and vote for your favorite and special ones among them, as MAAGI always wishes to give their best to its consumer according to their need.


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